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We make revolutionary, innovative and intriguing puzzles.
We sell our luxury, challenging puzzles all over the world. Our puzzles are aimed at everyone whether you are a serious collector or a new puzzler looking for a challenge. The Revomaze is the ultimate brain game for anyone who enjoys a challenge, why? The complex internal labyrinth is full of dead ends, traps and unique features where one wrong move can make you start again.
We supply our puzzles at different complexity levels to take you on a journey of discovery. Browse our beautiful puzzle shop to discover more.
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Our accessories are designed to display, personalise and protect.

Our range of accessories protect and preserve your puzzles ensuring your mazes stay in perfect display condition. Our display stands and engraving service allow you to personalize and enjoy your collection. Made from the highest quality materials, browse our range here. 



The Revomaze is the best purchase I have made in a long time! They are fun, frustrating and rewarding to open. Buy one you will not regret it.

Colin / Facebook

They provide a LOT of entertainment and are fun to repeat or share with friends. Lots of value – I keep going back to these.

Ben / Facebook

Really amazing puzzle that has something for everyone. They look beautiful and the machining, especially the maze on the core, is highly detailed. The mechanism is simple, robust, and effective.

Shane / Facebook

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