Steve Cornett – USA

“Anyone from Amateur Puzzler to Puzzle Expert can enjoy this puzzle… and it is a great ‘Brain Game’ workout as well !

I was surprised at how quickly I didn’t need to look at my cheat sheet, as I started to memorize the ‘way’.

DO NOT LET THIS PASS YOU BY WITHOUT TRYING ONE!  Congratulations Chris Pitt…its Amazing”

6 days ago

Revomaze Puzzles

Friday inspiration: Little bit of inspiration from us at the HQ today.

We like to have this up on one of our computer screen as a 'motivational' factor.

It's especially good as an indicator to crack on with the puzzles! 😉
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6 days ago

Revomaze Puzzles


Chris visited the engineers yesterday afternoon. The purpose of this was to commission the Christmas stock.

We have ALSO included 3 puzzles from the past, after which we can sell 12 puzzle sets and including the very much anticipated Salmon.

We should receive new stock at the end of September. We are however running out of stock fast. This will be the only stock we will receive until next year.

Please keep an eye on our website which puzzles we are going to include. Also the forum for guidance on the puzzles.

We hope you're just as excited as we are for the upcoming months.

Best, The Revomaze Team.

— Products shown: V1 Copper, V1 Blue, V1 Mint, V1 Green, V1 Bronze, V1 Indigo, V1 Gunmetal and V1 Aqua.
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1 week ago

Revomaze Puzzles

E-eeee. A new cover photo we have.

Which is your best-loved Revomaze from this collection? 🙂

Or, your biggest rivalry? 😉
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2 weeks ago

Revomaze Puzzles

Hello! ☺️ Rachel here (digital creative marketing assistant) for Revomaze.
We'd like to inform our customers on things you may be curious about / didn't know seen as though it's a new month.

We'd like to thank our customers.
Sales have been extremely high thanks to our amazing buyers. Revo HQ greatly treasure you people.
Always. Loyalty, passion, enjoyment, and faith in Revomaze.

Because of inflated sales stock has plummeted 😮 a new order for stock is soon to be in place.

Phil who was the Sales Manager has now left Revomaze and has now moved on. We wish him the very best. 👍 Phil was very interactive with our customers so we wanted you to understand he is no longer able to respond to emails but you can email either myself or about absolutely anything relating to what we do and our response rate is known as very good which we love to upkeep.

Salmons progress: we know our customers who have pre-ordered the salmons are all anticipating their puzzle. Chris has been making progress on the salmons and starting from now in particular as our main aim is focusing on getting out orders and focusing on our vital 'to do's' to create harmony and enjoyment for our consumers who love our puzzles.

Here at Revo HQ it's been very busy but at the same time we are loving it. Especially myself who has only been working for Revomaze for a short period of time but is immensely relishing interacting with you guys and committing to the other aspects of my role.

Mercury update: the new machine is being set-up to run the backs, drawbars, centres and pins.
The maze has already been created for the Mercury however we need to use a maze jig to complete the mazes.
Once running, all R2 back's etc can be produced 😄

We will show you a video on Instagram / Facebook of these procedures for an accurate update. We've noticed that you all love to be updated on what goes on 'behind the scenes' at our HQ as we always have positive responses.

So thank you for your patience.

It's currently a two team collaboration in Revomaze to get everything done.

On the Revomaze website we have put more puzzles in stock for 'The Foundation Set' which consists of the aqua, blue and bronze at the price of £272.00 which was £340.00.

Very ideal for a first time buyer of Revomaze or just love either 3 of those puzzles!

We cannot wait any longer for more to stock.

Very kindest regards,
The Revomaze team.
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2 weeks ago

Revomaze Puzzles

Here at Revo HQ we currently have an abundance of bronze’s but other mazes we’re running low on #stock.

😧 AGAIN! Much thanks to you guys, Revo on!!

Our trip to the engineers next week is very much needed to keep up with our orders.

For a short period we’re offering 15% off the original price of Bronze’s (£150.00) using the code ‘rkbr15’

Like we said, we need to order some more stock from our engineers very soon! Mid-September we should see stocks running high once again.
Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with Revomaze if you have any queries about anything. 👍

Happy puzzling to anyone out there today 🤩🤟🏻

— Products shown: V1 Blue, V1 Aqua and V1 Bronze.
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We have a Revomaze Sale On at #RevoHQ #ChallengeRevomaze😉

7 of the Worlds Best Puzzles on Special Offer! 😍

I've just added two V2 Blues to the website for £100 each! Last chance to buy a beginner level, metal puzzle before the new year!

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