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Operating the Revomaze Puzzle

The players goal is to guide the internal labyrinth using pulls, twists and turns! If you hear a ‘click’ and the shaft becomes loose you have fallen into a trap! The objective is to open the puzzle and to retrieve your certificate! 🎉

Explore categories from Beginner to Advanced with the power to amuse and frustrate for hours.

Designed and manufactured by a dedicated team in the North of England, these beautiful mazes are machined and assembled by hand, from top quality materials and nestled in a stunning presentation case.

Revomaze is the ultimate puzzling experience, find out more about our one of a kind puzzles here.

Why revomaze?

Revomaze creates and sells puzzles internationally since 2009. 🌍

Our wish is for everyone all around the world to try our puzzles and to receive satisfaction. Our aim is to create innovative puzzles for our worldwide customer base. We believe that everyone can challenge themselves with a Revomaze puzzle.

We desire for the Revomaze to grow and inspire people of all ages with a gadget which will challenge and encourage.


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New to the Revomaze? Each puzzle has been categorised into separate groups related to the difficulty level of the puzzle!

If you have newly discovered the series we would strongly champion solving the Beginner range first as an introductory challenge.


Customer stories

“Absolutely incredible. Although it takes dozens of hours to solve you’re always  making incremental progress (well usually, outside of the pool-HA) because of this you’re never really frustrated with this puzzle, you’re enjoying every single minute of this. 10/10.

Chris / United States

“The Blue Revomaze has shown up, and it was worth the wait! What a fantastic product! It took three days to solve it and it was hugely satisfying. I’m officially an addict and want more.”


Erik / Norway
Revomaze Green V3 Intermediate Puzzle

Wow! This one is great. I knew from my map that the bridge was narrow and twisty, but when I see it in metal I’m surprised I can get across it at all.

I kept track of my time on this one. 5 hours 11 minutes to solve, spread over 7 days.

Robert / United States
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