Ashton Pitt Ltd transforms ideas into designs that are then precision engineered in the UK to the highest materials and standards.

Revomaze Puzzles are rotating mind mazes that require patience and self-control to open. It will delight both the enthusiast and the novice.


Why Revomaze?

The Revomaze series has been developed and sold worldwide since 2009.

We strived to create puzzles that are unique for our global customer base.

The puzzles were designed to be challenging and inspiring for people of all ages…

Revomaze collection

puzzle GOAL

Navigate the hidden maze by twisting and turning the shaft while avoiding traps until the dots on the sleeve and shaft align.

Our colourful puzzles were available in three difficulty levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

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Blue V3 Puzzle

“Really enjoyed the Blue, brilliant puzzle. Will now be moving on to the next one”.

Kay / UK
Handmade V1 Puzzle

“Thank you so much for the time that was put into creating this product. The craftsmanship is superb.”

Simon / USA
Green V3 Puzzle

“Top quality puzzle, with beautiful packaging. Well done guys I am seriously impressed.”

Ewan / UK