4 tips for care of your hands using the Revomaze

1. Take regular breaks

First and foremost, it is critical that you take a 30-minute pause between solving sessions of the Revomaze. Even if you feel like you can’t stop, using the Revomaze too often can harm your wrists and hands. Before continuing, we urge that you rest your hands. If your hands become sore or red after using them, you should stop immediately. We also suggest hand lotion, which should alleviate the symptoms of overworked hands.

2. Use Training Aids

If you haven’t already purchased our training aids, then count yourself already set up to use this tip! Some people prefer to use training aids whilst solving their Revomaze whilst others don’t. It’s okay if you don’t, but we recommend using a training aid to stop a tingling feeling in your hands. We have a range of colours that you can pick and choose from on our website, and we promise you won’t regret it.

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3. Map it out

We understand! We truly believe you are eager to complete your Revomaze and unwilling to put it down. When you want to open anything, we’ve all had that desire! Rather than using your hands, we propose mapping everything out on paper. Graph paper, a ruler, and a pen or pencil are all you’ll need. Sometimes mapping can be really beneficial; give it a chance and see what you think!

4. Place your Revomaze on a stand

This is my personal favourite! People choose to make their own Revomaze stands or use the 3D printed stands that we sell on our website; the 3D stand is incredibly versatile in terms of what you can do with it. When not in use or for general display, place your Revomaze on it. The Revomaze is hefty, and we realize that completely holding it might cause a dull ache in your fingers. The stands look fantastic, and using them is even more enjoyable!

We hope you found these four suggestions helpful and that you liked the quick read! Remember that everyone is different and has their own style of managing how they use their Revomaze; but, if these recommendations were helpful to you, we know we accomplished something!

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