4 tips for using the Revomaze to care for your hands

1. Take regular breaks

First and foremost, a 30-minute rest is required between Revomaze solving sessions. Even if you can’t stop yourself, overusing the Revomaze might cause wrist and hand problems. Before continuing, we urge that you rest your hands for a moment. If your hands become sore or red as a result of using them, you should immediately stop using them. Hand lotion is also recommended to help ease the symptoms of worn hands.

2. Use a training aid

Consider yourself set to benefit from this recommendation if you haven’t already purchased our training aid! When solving Revomaze’s, some individuals prefer to use training aids, while others do not. It’s okay if you don’t, however using a training aid to prevent tingling in your hands is advised. You can choose from a range of colours on our website, and we assure you will not be disappointed.

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3. Map it out

Mapping is a helpful tool for moving forward in your Revomaze. You’ll simply need graph paper, a ruler, a pen, and a pencil to start drawing out the paths. If you’re solving any of the Revomaze’s, the mapping technique can help you keep track of how much you’ve discovered in the maze.

4. Purchase a stand

This is the most popular suggestion among the team! Users can make their own Revomaze stands or purchase 3D printed stands from our website; the 3D stand is fairly adaptable in terms of what it can be used for. When not in use or for general display, place your Revomaze on it. We recognise that holding the Revomaze in your hands can cause a dull aching in your fingers. The stands look fantastic, and using them is a lot more enjoyable!

We hope you found these four suggestions helpful and that you liked the quick read! Remember that everyone is unique and has their own method of controlling how they utilise their Revomaze; nonetheless, if you found these tips helpful, we know we did our job!

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