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Why revomaze?

Since 2009, Revomaze has been creating and selling puzzles all over the world.

Our goal is to develop unique puzzles for our global customer base.

We hope that the Revomaze will empower people of all ages with a puzzle that will both challenge and motivate them.

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Q) What is the process for placing an order?

A) We are solely an online store that accepts orders from our website. We’re sorry, but we can’t take orders over the phone. We will be able to make other arrangements for you if there are any problems with the website. To place an order, go to the product you want to purchase and press “add to basket.”

If you’ve done adding things to your basket, proceed to checkout, where you can fill out all of your personal information and make your payment. Your order will be effective until payment is received, and the team will get to work preparing your order.

Q) How can I tell if I've completed the Revomaze?

A) If you’ve completed the Revomaze, the dots on the sleeve and shaft should match, and the shaft should loosen. To avoid damaging the Revomaze, gently tap it against a soft surface, and the shaft should come all the way out, revealing the maze! Small bits, such as pins, can fall out when the puzzle is opened; be aware of this to avoid losing parts.

Q) I'm new to Revomaze; which puzzle is best for me?

Starting your Revomaze journey with the Beginner range is recommended by the Revomaze team. Despite their beginner classification, they are nevertheless challenging mazes that serve as an excellent introduction to the series. We strongly advise that you start with the Aqua and then either Turquoise or Blue are your next challenges if you’re ready to progress. If you’re unsure, our team is happy to assist you, and you can reach out to us at any time by clicking here.

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Customer feedback

“Hi Revomaze team, I just wanted to tell you that I’ve finally managed to open the Revomaze Bronze. Thanks a lot!”

“Really enjoyed the Blue, brilliant puzzle. Will now be moving on to the next one”.

“Top quality puzzle, with beautiful packaging. Well done guys I am seriously impressed.”

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