November 2019

A mini-guide on how to use the Revomaze without damage

Picture shown: V1 Indigo

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*Please note that this guide is aimed more towards people who own the Metal Revomaze’s. However, some of these points may apply to the owners of Plastic Revomaze’s.

Our goal is to make sure that our customer’s safety is taken good care of at all times when using their puzzle. We have created this short guide to help if there is stuff you may not know about.

To provide you with the most enjoyable puzzling experience, there are a few tips we have that we would like to share with you!

  • Our puzzles are heavy weighing 600g each. They always require the provision of care when in use at all times.

  • Dropping a puzzle on the floor can cause a lot of internal damage (mostly dynamic mazes) and external damage to the sleeve. We recommend that you don’t place your puzzle on a surface where it can roll off easily. For instance, a polished table would increase the chances of your puzzle being injured.

  • TOP TIP! Purchase a training aid from our store which will be useful for your Revomaze journey. The benefit of our training aids is they are softer on the hands as well as a greater feeling of control when navigating the pin around the maze.

  • Make small progress at a time, it is advisable you take regular breaks instead of long periods where your hands may start to ache.

  • Children should always be supervised at all times when they are using the puzzle.

  • To hold the puzzle correctly it is advisable that you cradle it in one hand and gently turn with the other.

  • Use a puzzle pouch which can be bought from our website to protect the sleeve from blemishes or dents.

 Last but not least, to prevent wrist ache we would recommend placing the puzzle on a stand. This is not absolutely essential at first although after a long period of time a stand would be advisable to use. You can purchase stands from our website *currently out of stock on wooden stands* 3D printed stands are available now * colors vary*.

Thanks for checking out this post if you made it to the end! The team over at Revomaze really hopes it helps! Why not share it with others who may find this beneficial?

Happy puzzling!


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