Top 3 Revomaze’s you should buy this Christmas…

With the festive season just around the corner we have had a good think of the top 3 Revomaze’s you should buy a loved one this Christmas, or even yourself, you can treat yourself too you know!


A mini-guide on how to use the Revomaze without causing damage.

Our goal is to make sure that our customer’s safety is taken good care of at all times when using their puzzle. 


Interview with Chris Pitt (the Creator of Revomaze) why he decided to change the core design.

It has been a while since we last published a blog, we have missed it and the perfect time has come to write another one! Today’s blog post is based on the new V3 core design, we have decided to chat with Chris about why he decided to create a new design for the core and why it works better for the designer’s and the user.


A short Q&A with Michael Whapples, a blind puzzler who loves Revomaze’s!

First question: How did you get into puzzling and Revomazes?

Hello everyone, it has been some time since we last updated you with another blog post, so today is the day! Michael began his Revomaze journey early this year and since then he has come a long way! Michael is a blind puzzler who has a number of activities he enjoys doing in his spare time. Particularly puzzles, like Revomaze! Below Michael answers some interesting questions for you, we hope you enjoy the read!


Revo HQ had a guest! Alex’s work experience journey.

Hi everybody! Another day. Another blog post. This month is about Alex Work Experience journey and we are hugely excited to share with you Alex experience at Revomaze HQ. The team all agreed that we would like to share our very lively week at the HQ with you.


What Alex did for his work experience.

Alex had an immense influence on the team when Alex showed his natural gift at understanding and opening puzzles. Alex not only can open puzzles, but he spends a lot of his free time playing with puzzles…


Q&A session with Grigore.

Grigore has been a Revomaze supporter for a few years now, he knows his stuff about Revomaze’s and has had a very good experience with the Revomaze puzzles.


Rachel interviews Shane!

More about Shane:

Shane, always known as ‘darctangent‘ on the Revomaze forum, likes to think that he had a positive impact on the Indigo, Shane said he thought it was a great opportunity and to work closely with Chris was a privilege to create a unique puzzle design.


How can puzzling be good for your life?


4 Tips for care of your hands using the Revomaze.


We have an announcement – Our first YouTube!

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Q&A session with Justin Lewis.

Hi all, today’s post is a Q&A that I had with Justin. He was very keen to be apart of the interview, if you like these, I will be able to do this again with more customers. It’d be amazing to hear your feedback. Enjoy!

How did you discover Revomaze?

I was watching YouTube one evening where a guy was solving the Lotus Puzzle by Will Strijbos. I was fascinated by the craftsmanship and quality of the puzzle itself.


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