About us

The Revomaze is a highly addictive puzzle that is precision machined and manufactured in the United Kingdom. Unlike other puzzles, you cannot see where you are going and must rely on dexterity and memory to feel your way around to complete the challenge.

You can feel your way around the maze by starting at the centre and working your way out using a series of twists and puzzles on the centre shaft. You’ll soon be able to recall the path you’ve taken. If the puzzle “clicks,” you’ve fallen into a trap and will have to restart from the beginning.

When the dot on the shaft matches the dot on the sleeve, you’ve completed the challenge. The middle shaft can be removed by rotating the sleeve (label down) and carefully tapping the shaft on a soft yet firm surface.

Chris Pitt, our founder, inventor and inspiring leader, has long had a passion for solving difficult challenges. Having had many ideas during a successful career in engineering, electronics and data systems development, the opportunity to create objects that look good and challenge even the most skilled puzzle enthusiast, has been one of his ultimate life goals. A dream that has now been realized with the creation of the Revomaze in 2008. 

Since then, Ashton Pitt Ltd has been transforming ideas into designs that are then precision engineered in the UK to the highest standards and using the highest quality materials.

Revomaze Puzzles were created to take you on a journey of self-discovery. Using the skills required to open the puzzles – we are thrilled with the response of our puzzle enthusiasts who open their puzzles.

Each puzzle comes with an opening certificate, complete with hologram and signed by the inventor.

Chris machined the first Revomaze on Boxing Day in 2008, and that was the start of the Revomaze saga. He then continued to forget that he hadn’t photographed the maze and spent the rest of his Christmas trying to find out how to get it open! The first 12 Revomaze Blue puzzles were created using this design, and they were released on eBay in February 2009, attracting a worldwide audience.

The Blue, Green, Bronze, Silver, and Gold mazes were rapidly formed into a sequence of five mazes, the majority of which have stood the test of time and are still part of the core collection today.

The Revomaze range has expanded over the years, launching a series of increasingly complex and innovative puzzles that have attracted a worldwide following of collectors and enthusiasts, including the famed Mr Puzzle, who reviewed and solved our Blue maze live on camera (spoiler alert!).

The modern Revomaze puzzles are divided into three difficulty levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced, with each level containing a number of beautifully coloured mazes with various elements and depths, obstacles, and traps.

Over time, new mazes have been added to these lines, as well as older ones that have become highly collectible collectors items.

As part of our continuous improvement plan, the original concept ‘V1’ mazes are being replaced with V3 versions with a more stable, higher quality core.

Below is a complete list of Revomaze puzzles, both new and discontinued.

Revo Catalogue

Revomaze Aqua V3 Beginner Puzzle


Beginner Suite, Current

Revomaze Turquoise V3 Beginner Maze


Beginner Suite, Current

Revomaze Blue V3 Beginner Maze


Beginner Suite, Current

Revomaze Green V3 Intermediate Puzzle


Intermediate Suite, Current

Revomaze Bronze V3 Intermediate Puzzle


Intermediate Suite, Current

Revomaze Titanium V3 Intermediate Puzzle


Intermediate Suite, Current

Revomaze Orange V3 Intermediate Puzzle


Intermediate Suite, Current

Revomaze Mint V3 Intermediate Puzzle


Intermediate Suite, Current


Advanced Suite, Current

Revomaze Copper V3 Advanced Puzzle


Advanced Suite, Current


Advanced Suite, Current

Lime V3 Revomaze Puzzle


Advanced Suite, Current


Advanced Suite, Waiting production


Advanced Suite, Current


By special request only