Restocking news, new site feature’s and fresh product image’s

Trick, or treat yourself? The wait is over! Today we have re-stocked our website at 3:00 pm, we have refilled our Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced puzzles. During this busy season, we know that many of our customers are shopping for gifts or looking for a new challenge. Fresh product images After getting new sleeves, we […]

The demand for materials leads to price changes

Introduction Welcome to the Revomaze blog; in today’s post, we’ll discuss why we’ll be modifying our puzzle costs, as well as how the global need for raw materials is affecting business and how price adjustments are caused by demand for materials. Various issues may be highlighted, including worldwide material demand, which is driven by many […]

Everything you need to know about nickel plating returning

Welcome back to the Revomaze blog! We’d like to announce some exciting news in this month’s blog. Our mazes are going to be nickel-plated! In today’s blog, we’ll go over nickel plating in greater depth and explain why we’ve decided to bring it back. We have some questions and answers towards the end. During some […]

Interview with Revomaze Inventor Chris Pitt

Introduction In this month’s blog, we delve deeper into why Revomaze creator Chris Pitt chose to upgrade the Revomaze core design from V1 to V3. Hopefully, we’ve addressed some of your most pressing concerns about the new V3 core design. The Blue V3 is now available for purchase: It’s been a while since we’ve […]

Are you looking for a great Revomaze accessory? Check out our newly updated Training Aids

A BRIEF INTRODUCTION Our long-lasting Training Aids have made a comeback in a new version, and they’re now available in our online store. Chris Pitt has spent a good amount of time developing this new style Trainer, which comes with an Allen key and is available in a variety of colours. Chris explained how it […]

Introducing Product Bundles & Re-Stock Update

Introducing Product Bundles Introducing Product Bundles, enabling the customer to create their own ‘bundle’ of Revomaze’s. Not very long ago on our website we sold a variation of Sets which included Revomaze’s bundled with each other alike in difficulty level. For example, we created the Starter Set V3 by combining the Aqua and Turquoise puzzles. […]

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