Mini-guide on how to use the Revomaze

The Revomaze team brainstormed and came up with five recommendations for safely and effectively operating the Revomaze. Purchase a wooden stand Make sure the Revomaze isn’t left on a slippery surface where it can fall off. When purchasing a Revomaze, there are a few things to keep in mind. A Revomaze owner’s worst worry is […]

Interview with Revomaze inventor Chris Pitt

Introduction We go into deeper detail in this month’s blog on why Revomaze founder Chris Pitt opted to upgrade the Revomaze core design from V1 to V3. We hope this has addressed some of your primary concerns about the new V3 core design. The Blue V3 is now available to buy: We selected to […]

Rachel interviews Shane!

Shane, also known on the Revomaze forum as ‘darctangent,’ is interviewed in today’s blog piece about his Revomaze experience and the creation of Indigo, where he had the incredible opportunity to work closely with Chris Pitt, the Revomaze series’ inventor. 1) Have you always enjoyed solving puzzles or did Revomaze spark your interest? I’ve always […]


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