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What’s new at Revo HQ?

Hi all, we’re back with another blog and can you believe it’s almost the end of November? This month we’re summarising what’s new from Revo HQ! We hope you’re sat comfortably and most of all we hope you enjoy the blog!

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Meet Grey V3 the Halloween Puzzle.

If you haven’t heard already, we have released the Grey V3! The Grey is the Halloween release for 2020 and is based around the ‘spiders-web’. This is the first Revomaze which is based around Halloween and the theme is perfectly fitting and we’d love to hear what you think about the Halloween themed puzzle.

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Revomaze Discord is here.

In this months edition, we have some very exciting news to tell you all, if you haven’t heard already this month the Revomaze Official Discord Server was released! This week on Discord we have announced the Discord photo competition; the picture theme gives you clues on Discord on how to sign up to join if you’d like to be in it to win a prize!

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Another month has passed so quickly it was here and gone, has it been the same for anyone else? In this month’s blog we want to talk about our plans for extending our accessories range…..

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Catch up with us!

July has been a very busy month for the Revo team where we have made further progress with orders such as the Salmon V1’s. We are happy to say that we have got to a stage where the Salmon’s are all ready to be engraved, assembled, and then packaged ready to leave here and finally into the hands of those who pre-ordered their Salmon.

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Let’s get creative!

For some time the Revomaze team have been looking out for your Revo collections and artwork all over social media. We have seen many incredible photos of your collections, photography and artwork, and your creativity has shined, so we’ve been thinking, we would love to showcase your talent and put them on display on our website. We’re dedicating an entire page to all kinds of fan creativity, but first we need pictures, and of course your permission to use your photography or artwork

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Exciting Announcement!

Half a year is gone. Welcome June.

Hello June! May went just like that, it was a busy month in which we did a lot of planning and work behind the scenes which means we can tell you some exciting news at long last! With a great deal of drive, determination and organising in these unprecedented times, we are thrilled to announce we have just launched the batch 2 pre-orders!

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Revomaze Trivia! Pt 2.

The time has come for another Trivia! In last months blog we answered some of our most frequently asked questions! We had a really positive reaction and you all wanted to see a part 2! We know there are lots of new people who have joined the community and are curious to know more about the Revomaze range and so we hope this helps!


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Revomaze Trivia! Pt 1.

This months blog is based on a Q&A! These questions have been asked previously so we wanted to answer them for everybody who reads our blog to see. This months blog is based on a Q&A! These questions have been asked previously so we wanted to answer them for everybody who reads our blog to see….

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February Announcement.

February has arrived within the blink of an eye and we wanted to bring you up to speed with our plans for the coming month and beyond.


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Our ultimate and best puzzle arrives for 2020!

The long-anticipated Salmon Revomaze was announced to fans in 2016. Since then we have come a long way to get this puzzle just right…

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  1. Chris Lewis says:

    Any chance you can give me insight as to how long before the Indego or Gunmetal advanced Revomazes will be available to order? I really like the Lime, but it’s about 300 USD, and a little out of my budget. Thanks,


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