Erik – Norway


“The Blue Revomaze has shown up, and it was worth the wait! What a fantastic product! It took three days to solve it and it was hugely satisfying. I’m officially an addict and want more.”

Gertjan – Netherlands


“The Revomaze company is a small company, but has a customer service which big companies can learn from. They respond to every message you send within hours and are always kind and focused on helping you. This makes me feel very welcome.

The Revomaze puzzles are really awesome and help me calm myself down during frustrating times. They are in all sorts of difficulties, from a few hour challenge (also suitable for children) up to a challenge that can take you weeks or even months to solve (for puzzle experts).
Also there are no spoilers or answers to find on the internet on how to solve a Revomaze puzzle.The difficulty and spoiler free environment really makes the cost of the puzzle worth it.”

Ali – United Kingdom


“My Turquoise arrived yesterday and I have to say it’s a superb addition! This is entry level with all the excitement that you need to hook you. Well done on this design!”

Mark – United Kingdom


“First impressions of the new V3 are excellent. I am glad to see that the core feels really solid! I really like the two tone style of the opened maze, the stainless steel and the brass together appeals to me. The tolerance of the maze is excellent! Overall I think it is an excellent compromise, it keeps with the look, feel and enjoyment.”

Chuck – United States 

“Great thank you. Congrats on the Revo’s and sales. I’m a new customer and am thoroughly enjoying it.

More feedback will get posted but wanted to pass along that I hope you will make more like Aqua as it can reach a broader audience in difficulty, pricing was on target, and drive your sales.My 14 yr old is now interested and attempting 😀. That is a good thing anytime he is off a computer screen!

Thanks. Aqua was a perfect puzzle!”

Shaun – United Kingdom

“Hey, Chris I have it. It looks brilliant, well worth the wait. I think the rawness of the handmade makes it look great you should make more limited additions as Handmade’s. Wow! got this excited and I’ve not even got past the start I look forward to discovering this maze.”

Robert – United States

“Hello Chris. I’ve solved my green Revomaze puzzle!

Wow! This one is great. I knew from my map that the bridge was narrow and twisty, but when I see it in metal I’m surprised I can get across it at all.

I kept track of my time on this one. 5 hours 11 minutes to solve, spread over 7 days.

Bronze arrives tomorrow afternoon!! 🙂 Thanks”

Jos – Switzerland

“I have solved the BRONZE puzzle.

This was a very good puzzle. Had me really stumped for a long time. And the machinery inside looks great ! Real masterpiece. I am impressed !! Again I have to thank you for your support and quick email answers (nearly faster than me!).

Now off to the silver 🙂 Thanks”

Jonathan (Dr) –  United States

“Just a quick note Chris one word amazing! I loved it thanks for sending the blue to me I wait for the next challenge of the green. I cannot wait for the next, way more fun than the Isis adventure. I have solve the first three so far. I must say a much superior product as well. Cheers”

Graham – United Kingdom

“A very Good Morning.

Well after approximately 6 months I finally have my Silver open. What can I say other than WOW WHAT A RUSH!!!

What an incredible piece of kit, hats off to you Chris, your puzzle is a work of genius.

Kind Regards”

Neil – United States

“Hi there!

Just wanted to register my Green Revomaze as open.

Another beautiful puzzle, and a nice step up from the Blue. Solve time was around 5 hours working on the puzzle, with an elapsed time of 3 weeks, given travel for work.

Best Regards,”

Rob – Canada

“These times are approximate and to the best of my memory.

Time spent actually working on the Bronze: 45-50 Hrs. Time spent studying my map, figuring things out, and dreaming about the maze: 25-30 Hrs.

Absolutely loved the Bronze! Hope this helps you out.”

Kevin – United Kingdom

“Hi Chris and team.

Thanks for the fantastic experience – after about 10 hours I have opened the blue REVOMAZE you sent me. I am absolutely amazed at people who solve it in less than 6 hours!

Thanks for these – even my wife has said that they are beautifully engineered!
I think I might have a small break before starting the green – to give my nerves a rest!”

Jeremy – United States


In regards to the staggered release of the gold, I have solved the silver.

I thank you in advance for your help. As always I appreciate your superb customer service and superb products.”