FAQ – Repairs, Returns And Care

To help you, we’ve compiled a list of some of our most frequently asked questions.

Can I return my Revomaze, and what is the procedure?

If your puzzle is damaged or unsolvable, please get in touch via our contact form and our team will do our best to advise you. We will recommend returning your puzzle back to us for repair, and we will make sure to send over our return information as soon as possible.

My Revomaze is broken, what do I do?

Our team will do our best to assist you in repairing your puzzle; please contact us and we will investigate whether the puzzle needs to be returned. Please see our terms and conditions page for more information.

How do I clean my Revomaze?

The best ways to clean your Revomaze can be found on the forum’s information for newcomers & FAQ page. Please see the cleaning instructions by clicking here.

How do you take care of your Revomaze?

Due to the heavy weight, we strongly advise children to be supervised at all times. We also recommend protecting your puzzle by securing a puzzle pouch or wooden stand to keep it protected when not in use. We recommend not using excessive force as this may cause internal damage to the maze. Overall we hope you enjoy solving your puzzle!

Have we covered everything you needed to know? Please do not hesitate to contact us if your question has not been answered.