FAQ – Repairs, Returns & Care

To help you, we’ve shared some of our most commonly asked questions.

Can I return my Revomaze?

Returns are accepted. To begin the return process, please contact the team by clicking here.

My Revomaze is broken, what do I do?

If you believe you have broken your puzzle, please contact a member of staff right away! If you need to return the puzzle to us, we will conduct an investigation on it. During this assessment, we will determine if the problem was caused by a User Error or a Manufacturing Error, and we will inform you accordingly. For more details, see our Terms and Conditions.

How do I clean my Revomaze?

Prior to re-assembly, we suggest a detailed cleaning. Recommended materials include toothpicks, compressed air can, 3-1 oil, light grease, toothbrush and paper towels. It is advised to perform all cleaning and assembly on a paper towel or a matted surface to prevent small components from rolling away and becoming lost.

First, clean out all the paths with a toothpick or toothbrush using a light amount of oil. The oil is not necessary to make the maze operate any smoother but does clean the surfaces. Next clean the walls and tracks of all dirt. Use the air can to remove any fibres and dust. When finished everything should be dry to touch. Make sure no oil build-up occurs in the tracks.

Clean the inner surface of the sleeve with a dry cloth to remove the residue caused by the shaft rubbing against the sleeve.

For more detailed cleaning instructions, please visit the user forum FAQ page by clicking here.

How do you take care of your Revomaze?

One of the most popular questions we get is about how to take care of your Revomaze, and it’s understandable! We strongly advise against applying too much force to any Revomaze puzzle, as this can cause the internal maze to be damaged. We recommend not dropping or mishandling it, as this may cause harm to the puzzle, rendering it unsolvable in certain cases. When handling the puzzle, children should be supervised.

Have we covered everything you needed to know? Please do not hesitate to contact us if your question has not been answered.