We’ve shared some of our most frequently asked questions to help you out!

Top FAQ’s:

Q) How do I know if I have solved the Revomaze?

A) If you have opened the puzzle The shaft should come all the way out, and the two dots should align. Gently tap the Revomaze against a soft surface to avoid any sort of damage to the puzzle and the shaft should come all the way out and the maze will be revealed!

Q) What is the difference between V1 and V3?

A) V1 maze was made of brass then nickel plated. V3 is a stainless steel body and brass inner maze.

Th nickel plating adds material and can have an impact on the design. We are not in control of how much plating is added and complex eddy currents can put more plating in one area. This can effect the functionality of the puzzle. The V3 is much more accurate and as intended as we can machine these at HQ.

Q) What do the colours mean?

A) The colours are not chosen at random and usually indicate the level of the Revomaze. For example, the beginner range (Aqua, Turquoise and Blue) are similar in colours. To the customers surprise the colour of the puzzle does have a lot of significance so we would recommend doing some research or contacting the team directly before buying a Revomaze if you worry it’ll be too easy or too hard.

Q I’m a beginner, which Revomaze should I start with?

A) We recommend to everyone who is new to Revomaze that you should start with either Aqua or for a higher challenge depending on your confidence level, the Turquoise is more tricky and sits between the Aqua and Blue. We have put the beginner levels into sets which is a great starting point and saves you money!

Q) What is a trap?

A) Don’t be alarmed if you hear a ‘click’ sound from where the pin has fallen into the deeper channel where you must navigate to the beginning again, this is a trap! Traps are sneaky and will surprise you at different times. In some cases, you’ll learn to very carefully turn the shaft to avoid the traps but this will become more apparent as you solve the Revomaze.

Q) Can I return my Revomaze and what is the procedure?

A) First contact one of the team so they can advise you. There will be an assessment done on the puzzle once it has returned to HQ. This assessment will determine whether the puzzle was damaged due to User Error or a Manufactoring Error and will be in touch with the outcome. See our terms and conditions for more!

Q) What’s the best way to clean my Revomaze core?

A) *guidance for cleaning has come from the ‘Information for newcomers & FAQ from the Revomaze forum*

Old toothbrush and washing up liquid – pour some onto the shaft and give it s good clean all in the tracks. If you have tarnish on the shaft I use Autosol chrome cleaner paste – put a small amount on a tissue and remove the tarnish. Do this before washing with the toothbrush.

Allow to drain and dry (I use a hair dryer). Using a pencil, I push a small ball of tissue through the shaft centre to make sure its clean. Same process with the draw and pins.

The sleeve, I use WD40 and a soft polishing cloth (try to keep the label at 12 o’clock to ensure the spring does not come out. Use your nail (yuk) or a cocktail stick between the outer sleeve grooves before the WD40.

Next push a wad of tissue through the centre. I then use 3-in-1 bike oil inside the sleeve place a small drip on both ends. Use your finger to spread the oil inside the sleeve and then pass the wad through again to ensure not too much oil is left on.

Once dry, reassemble the shaft as per instructions (if you wish to add a drop of oil, I suggest the drop goes in the first entrance. Once assembled – quick polish on the sleeve and you puzzle is as good as new.

Q) I’ve solved my Revomaze and have the V3 core, how do I retrieve my certificate?

A) If you have a V1 Revomaze when the puzzle has been solved the shaft should become loose and the certificate will be wrapped around the drawbar which lives inside of the shaft. The V3 Revomaze was made differently where the certificate is still there although you will need a 1.5mm hex screwdriver to unscrew the grub screw. Contact us for more information if you are unsure.

Q) I am thinking about buying my first Revomaze, is there anything else I should buy with it?

A) Yes! We do advise you to buy the Hex Screwdriver as this is a great tool to retrieve your certificate with. Two other accessories to buy are the Black Puzzle Pouch to protect your Revomaze and a Training Aid to help you solve the Revomaze.

Have we answered everything you were looking for? If your question has not been answered please do not hesitate to contact us.