Accessory Pack Plus

The Accessory Pack Plus includes:

  • Wooden Stand
  • Keychain
  • 2 Training Aids
  • Puzzle Pouch
  • Hex Screwdriver

This pack of accessories has everything a Revomaze solver needs, despite having V1 puzzles or V3 puzzles. It would be an amazing gift for any Revomaze fan, a long time collector or a new customer just finding their way around the Revomaze community.

Puzzle Pouch

Store your Revomaze’s in style with our Velvet Black Puzzle Pouch. With its soft interior, it is the ideal accessory to bring along with you wherever you go. It is super easy to remove your Revomaze and put it back in the pouch to show friends and family whenever you like! Using this pouch to secure your Revomaze will minimize the possibility of scratches, marks, and blemishes.

Wooden Stand

Our beautiful new wooden stand made at HQ on our laser cutter holds five Revomaze’s and is a beautiful display piece. It can hold a fully assembled Revomaze on each rack with its flat bottom it sits comfortably and stays put. Made to improve the way you arrange and display your Revomaze’s, it will be a great asset to your home office, bedroom, living room, or a perfect gift for Christmas, Birthday, and retirements. To prevent damaging any surface we have put on four anti-scratch black felt pads on the bottom of the stand.


Behind the scenes, the Revomaze team have been working on extending our line of fun Revomaze accessories for everyone to enjoy. The keychains were originally for the first 25 people who joined our Discord server, which are special editions to Discord where they were signed and numbered by the Revomaze inventor himself. Due to the demand of the keychains we’ve now made them available for everybody to buy and enjoy. Perfect to attach your to your keys or rucksack and it can stay with you wherever you go!

Training Aid

Our 3D printed, plastic training aids attach to the end of your puzzle for extra support and grip whilst navigating the maze. For the inevitable feeling of discomfort in your wrists after a long time of twisting, pulling and pushing the core the trainers are also designed to help prevent wrist discomfort. There is also said to be a greater feeling of control when navigating the maze using a trainer, the trainer helps you to be more exact but of course, this is down to personal preference.

The Accessory Pack Plus will include one Black training aid and a coloured training aid, the colour will be a surprise!

Hex Screwdriver

This high-quality hex screwdriver is the perfect tool for getting the certificate from your V3 Revomaze. After trying to find a good quality Allen key, we found this screwdriver which can open all of your V3 Revomaze’s which works really well on opening and will last a long time. Like the V1, the certificate is found inside of the puzzle, using the 1.5mm screwdriver to unscrew the grub screw to retrieve your certificate can now be done easily and speedy.

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