Grey V3

Grey V3 – the newest addition to the Revomaze family!

The Grey is the newest addition to the Revomaze Family. It is a great gift for anyone who has solved a Revomaze and is looking for something new to try. The first 20 are Special Edition with SE engraved on the end of the serial number. They sold out in under 3 minutes and made the site crash!

Introducing Grey V3 which is the latest edition to the R1 series. The Grey V3 has been designed for the Intermediate-range and with a difficulty level of 85 / 100, the Grey is similar to Bronze in difficulty. We have chosen to release the Grey in October as it is linked to Halloween because of its theme-based around the ‘spiders web’ and other spine-chilling surprises you’ll discover along the way.

The Grey is dark and mysterious and is deliberately confusing to perplex any of its challengers. Like any Revomaze, blindly navigating the maze will not be easy, often there will be a series of events that’ll surprise its challengers. Throughout your journey, you’ll find doors opening and closing which isn’t as straightforward as it sounds, there will be barriers which will put a stop to you getting through the maze undisturbed. Once you’ve overcome just some of the barriers you’ll cross paths with the ominous spider, the enemy will try its hardest to prevent you from successfully winning, and it is your job to tackle the beast.

The Grey can be described as tough, resilient and is difficult to escape from. What makes this puzzle challenging but rewarding is that the numerous obstacles you’ll face will only make you wiser on your journey. The Grey web entails a whole new level of thinking, mapping and understanding but once you understand how the maze operates it becomes easier to solve after a few tries.

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