Starter Set Ultra

The Starter Set Ultra includes:

  • Aqua V3
  • Turquoise V3
  • Blue V3

This puzzle set is ideal set for anyone wanting to start their Revomaze adventure! It includes 3 starter puzzles for a great deal. By buying this set all the puzzles are easy to jump to the next one after you have completed the puzzle!

Even though these puzzles are our beginner puzzles, be warned these are not easy. These complex and highly entertaining mazes will keep you busy for hours as you twist and turn your way through the blind maze. You have to find your way through, but you can’t see where you’re heading. You must use dexterity and memory to feel your way around to complete the challenge, but beware, one click and you’re in a trap that will take you right back to the beginning again.

These beautiful puzzles are machined and assembled by hand, from top quality materials and nestled in a stunning presentation case making it the perfect gift for the puzzle enthusiast in your life.

Aqua V3

The beautifully crafted Aqua V3 is a superb introduction to the Revomaze suite of puzzles. The Aqua is hours of fun and is aimed at beginners, this challenging puzzle will develop fine motor and problem-solving skills and is perfect for young puzzlers. Some customers provided us with feedback that they believed the Blue was too much for a beginner puzzler, and so the Aqua was designed to attract a wider audience. The Aqua was designed with thicker walls and blending in various techniques from other puzzles such as Blue and Green.

The Aqua V3 will test your skills requiring concentration, dexterity, and mapping skills to navigate the maze, avoid the traps, and unlock the core. With an average solve time of 30 minutes to two hours this entertaining puzzle will delight time and again.

Turquoise V3

The beautifully crafted Turquoise V3 joined the R1 line in 2019. The Turquoise was designed to extend the beginner range as well as introduce a new challenge. The Turquoise will test your skills requiring concentration, dexterity, and mapping skills to navigate the maze and unlock the core. But beware, there are some tricky traps hidden inside, one wrong turn and you’ll be back to the beginning to start again. The Turquoise was designed to be an intermediate puzzle between Aqua and Blue. This puzzle has some likeness to the Aqua and Blue, yet it’s still a fresh design to the beginner range.

Turquoise V3 is a great maze for new and young puzzlers alike to develop and grow their skills. This version is both challenging and intriguing, however, once you have solved this maze it is super easy to repeat, making it the perfect puzzle to show off your skills to others.

Blue V3

The beautifully crafted Blue V3 is one of the beginner static mazes out of the Revomaze series, the Blue was designed for the beginner puzzler and received a wonderful response from the puzzling community. While the Blue was successful, some of our customers said that this puzzle was too much for a level 1 Revomaze. We took this feedback on board and designed the Aqua, and five years later we brought out the Turquoise V3.

This puzzle requires your concentration, dexterity, and skill to navigate the maze and solve the puzzle as you blindly navigate a maze by twisting, pulling and pushing the inner shaft. With an average solve time of 4 – 6 hours this version is by no means easy, challenging your mapping and problem-solving skills to avoid the traps and unlock the core. With small paths and tiny ledges, the Blue maze is full of surprises and mystery. Solved it once? This can be done as many times as you’d like!

Blue version 1 was the first Revomaze created back in 2008. Featuring a static maze with no other internal parts, it’s the ideal place to begin your Revomaze journey. Blue makes you think outside of the box and develop the skills required for mentally mapping or drawing out the maze, vital for progression through the Revomaze suite of puzzles.

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