25 days in to 2019! Where is time going?! How are you all feeling about the New Year so far? The team have been chugging down tea and coffee non-stop since the day we were back at work from the Christmas break, we have all been busy bee’s! Josh rushing off his feet aiming to get orders out and to meet deadlines. This week, Josh has started to grasp how the machine works, the Emco E25 is what we have, Josh is quickly learning about the machine by his and Chris sit down sessions.

Chloe, our Operations Manager, we have tried not to distract her due to never-ending replying to emails, which she really enjoys doing. Whilst I have been focusing on teaching myself photography, a new skill I hope to progress on which will allow me to take much better quality photos with the Nikon D5300 camera. We are extremely excited for future projects.

The Revo Factory Outlet was a non-functioning part of our website. We wanted to sell slightly damaged Revomaze’s which either had scratches, blemishes or the wrong serial number engraved on the core. We put discounts on the original prices, we thought it was a good idea to sell these Revomaze’s and allow someone who would really want one, to have one. We knew it was much better than staying put in our workshop not being used. Look out for future Revomaze’s on the Revo Factory Outlet, you may be surprised with what you find!

We have recently stumbled on Reddit. Reddit is a discussion website where members submit information such as images, posts and links. It was a cool realisation to find quite a bit of discussion in connection with Revomaze. If you haven’t had a look at Reddit just yet, we definitely would suggest that you should!

On January 21st 2019, EMCO published an article, which you can read here:

The article features the E25 CNC machine we have at the Revo HQ.

Here is an extract that EMCO featured about us on their blog –
“The Revomaze story began on Christmas 2008 when Chris Pitt (inventor) handcrafted the very first Revomaze. He then proceeded to forget that he hadn’t photographed the maze, so spent what was left of his Christmas unlocking the very first Revomaze. The first 12 Revomaze Blues were launched on eBay in February of 2009, attracting a worldwide audience. The range was quickly developed into a series of five mazes from Blue to Gold and most are still the core range today, a testament to the challenge Revomaze still poses”.

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