Revo HQ had a guest! Alex’s work experience journey

What Alex did for his work experience.

Alex had an immense influence on the team when Alex showed his natural gift at understanding and opening puzzles. Alex not only can open puzzles, but he spends a lot of his free time playing with puzzles, just like a hobby of his, he enjoys it that much.

It started where Chris was working in Costa as you do when he spotted Alex solving the Rubik’s cube whilst he was with his Dad. Chris felt he should approach the two of them and question him about the Rubik’s, he found out that Alex is a huge fan of puzzles, especially the Revomaze now that he has completed the Blue. Alex wants to try the Bronze which is the next level up from the Blue.

It is not only puzzling that makes Alex happy, but his other interests include sports activities like Rugby, Cricket, Karate, and Football. His favourite subjects are Maths and Science. Alex ‘attention on puzzles never seems to have faded, when Alex was with us for that week, we worked out that he is very obstinate in puzzle solving, which could be described as a strong strength to be a puzzler.

The first day at Revomaze HQ was, of course, his induction day. The office where Chloe and I work is so near to the workshop that it is not hard difficult to perceive what is in front of you. Perhaps it is a little overwhelming at first. Nether less, his strong desire to learn was admirable. We spent the day showing Alex the routine that our team has every day. Everyone with different duties to serve. Our daily jobs can change day to day depending on what tasks we must do for that day but Alex’s interest in social media, advertising and specifically YouTube as well as communication with people he seemed to like the aspect of. Chris and Joshua explained and shown how the machine works, there were strict health and safety rules of course, so Alex was never left unattended in any cases.

As the Monday drew to an ending, it appeared that Alex was a quick learner and so he already had a clear idea of how our workplace runs. The following day was a trip to the engineers, Chris took Joshua and Alex to the engineers whilst me and Chloe kept the office running for the day.

We didn’t see of Alex until Wednesday, this day I got to spend some time with Alex where we focused on photography. From my standpoint, this was one of my most-liked days of the week as I love photography, it turns out Alex was better than me already after a few pictures and adjustments to the settings! *huffs* ruminatively I thoroughly enjoyed teaching Alex the basics of photography and watching from another person’s perspective how you can be imaginative taking photos, so I learned something too!

The most amazing day was Thursday and Friday. This is because Alex designed his own maze on the computer, Chris was really impressed, with some adjustments it was printed off on paper format. Chris then programmed the maze so that it could be translated on to the machine where it can be physically made. The core was raw material which looks like a gold colour which looked shiny and heavenly. He has taken the maze home with him on Friday and we are sure that he is proudly showing it off to his friends and family and rightly so! Good job, Alex!

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