Meet Grey V3 the Halloween Puzzle

If you haven’t heard, the Grey V3 is now available! The Grey, based on the spider-web,’ is the Halloween release for 2020. This is the first Revomaze that is themed around Halloween, and the topic is great. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the Halloween-themed puzzle.

This puzzle is intentionally perplexing in order to perplex any of its challengers; it will involve a lot of thinking and mapping, but Chris Pitt has characterized it as his favourite Revomaze he’s ever created. This Revomaze is described by Chris as a “nightmare maze!”

This implies that it will be incredibly challenging, but the satisfying feeling of conquering it will be unlike any other. The Grey is addictively entertaining, just like a great film, but please don’t overuse the Revomaze to the point where it hurts your hands; as always, we advocate using it sparingly and frequently. Please let us know if you think a new and updated instruction to using the Revomaze and cleaning your puzzle tips would be beneficial!

The Grey has been put into the Intermediate category with a high difficulty ranking, however, once we begin to hear feedback from our customers this will provide a much more accurate difficulty ranking and average solving time. The Grey has been described by Chris as very challenging to work out and solve the first time, but once the code has been cracked the repeatability of the maze is much easier and fun to solve. The theme around the spiders-web plays a big role in the Grey, and because of this, you have to work out different strategies of winning the Grey.

The Grey is an excellent addition to your Revomaze collection; for those who enjoy extremely difficult Revomaze’s, the Grey is ideal for you or anyone you know who enjoys a challenge that will keep them occupied for hours. Even better, it comes in extremely attractive packaging that will appeal to anyone who is a fan of Revomaze!

Throughout your journey, you’ll be faced with doors that slam behind you, and these barriers will do their best to prevent you from being successful. It’s your job to tackle the ominous spiders-web, which will frustrate and surprise you throughout your journey. The Grey is cunning but beautifully complex, this dark maze will keep you hooked for ages and will keep you busy whilst many of us are at home. The Grey is a fantastic puzzle to explore and is unique to any other Revomaze design, the cobweb effect is something completely new to what we’ve designed previously, but we’re confident that others will enjoy the Grey as much as the team have designing and machining it.

A short but important disclaimer, please be aware before solving this puzzle that excessive force is not required and it can damage the internal maze, and this repair performed by Revomaze HQ would be chargeable. If at any point you are concerned and would like some advice or assurance, please contact us and we will be more than happy to provide you with advice. However, the goal is that everyone who receives their puzzle will receive a lot of enjoyment out of talking about it with others and sharing their Grey journey. Here at Revomaze, we’re so excited to start shipping these out in November and hearing your feedback on the new Revomaze puzzle.

With Christmas approaching, this would be a fantastic Christmas present for yourself or someone who enjoys or would enjoy the Revomaze’s!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and we hope you learned a lot about Grey! If you have any further queries, please contact the team or visit the Grey product, where we’ve attempted to provide as much information as possible. As more people begin the challenge, you’ll hear a lot more about Grey, and who knows, maybe one day Grey may be paired with another Revomaze in a duo bundle!

We hope that all of our customers around the world are safe and healthy during this time, and we appreciate your ongoing support. That’ll do it for now; see you next month!

Team Revomaze

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