Interview with Revomaze Inventor Chris Pitt

In this months blog we go in to a bit more detail as to why Chris Pitt the Revomaze inventor decided to change the Revomaze core design from V1 to V3. Hopefully we answer some of our most frequently asked questions about the new V3 core design.

The Blue V3 is available to buy now:

Hello everyone! It has been a while since we last published a blog post, we have missed it and the perfect time has come to write another one! Today’s blog post is based on the new V3 core design, we have decided to chat with Chris Pitt about why he decided to create a new design for the Revomaze core and why it works better for the designer and the user.

What does ‘V3’ mean?

We spoken to Chris Pitt, who is the creator of the Revomaze. During this discussion, he explained in-depth about the new V3 mechanism, he discussed why the new design works better for us (production) and the user. First of all, the new core design is more flexible which is one of the strong points the V3 has. Flexibility enables us to create the brass maze at HQ which is a lot easier for us, they can be made in smaller batches, say 20, and they will be ready the following day.

What is V3 made out of?

V3 is made out of Brass and stainless steel. The body itself is stainless steel whereas the maze is brass. Stainless steel is an expensive material to have as the body as well as the maze, so we used brass as the material for the maze. Stainless steel is preferable as the material does not tarnish which is a huge drawback to some materials that do corrode over time if used a lot over a long period of time.

Why is stainless steel good?

All stainless steels have a high resistance to corrosion which is wonderful for our puzzles because the more you operate the puzzle you want to keep the puzzle looking as new as possible, wear can make the puzzle look tired and not so polished. Stainless steel is known for its various good properties such as its strength, flexibility, and resistance to being corroded.

Why have you created 20 special editions?

The first 20 Blue V3’s are Special Edition’s due to releasing something completely new, to make the first 20 unique, the team have chosen to engrave on the serial shaft ‘SE’ as well as alter the certificates slightly which we have done specifically for the V3 Blue’s. Once the first 20 are sold, the design will not change, the V3 body will remain stainless steel and the maze will be brass. Our target is to enhance the user experience when solving the Revomaze’s which is why the team is continually talking through different goals and suggestions to improve our products.

Thank you for reading and we hope it cleared up some of our frequently asked questions about the V3 core design.

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