New to Revomaze? Read this…

Objective of the Revomaze

Remove the central shaft with a series of careful twists, pulls, and pushing operations until the dot on the shaft lines up with the dot on the sleeve. Throughout the operation, you may hear a ‘click’ and feel the shaft loosen. This is a trap, and you must restart from the beginning.

What happens now that you’ve solved the Revomaze?

The dots on the sleeve and shaft should line up, and the shaft should release, indicating that you have successfully solved the Revomaze. Gently tap the puzzle on a soft surface to prevent damaging it, and the shaft should come all the way out, revealing the maze! When the puzzle is opened, little components, such as pins, might fall out; please be careful of this to prevent losing parts.

Health and safety

  • The puzzle can be damaged or damaged if it is thrown, dropped, or mishandled.
  • When children are working on the puzzle, keep an eye on them at all times.
  • The wrists will benefit from a solid but comfortable grip, and it is recommended that you play little and often to avoid injury.

Stuck? Or do you require re-assembly instructions? Please email if you need assistance.

One thought on “New to Revomaze? Read this…

  1. Kirsten says:

    Hi. When do you expect to have the V1 advanced back in Stock again. I hope to give it to my son as a christmasgift?
    Regards Kirsten

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