Mini-guide on how to use the Revomaze

A mini-guide on how to use the Revomaze without damage

Revomaze’s shown from L to R: Aqua, Blue, Green and Bronze.

Using the Revomaze is never a dull moment, with its hidden tricks and the alerting traps that you’ll discover, it never seems to get boring. However, there are a few things to be aware of when owning a Revomaze puzzle. The Revomaze team have brain-stormed and have come up with 5 tips on how to use the Revomaze safely and enjoyably.

1. Ensure that you do not leave the Revomaze on a slippery surface where it is likely to fall off.

On our online shop we sell stands to less the likelihood of this happening, the worst fear a Revomaze owner can have is your expensive puzzle rolling off your table on to flooring where it is likely to cause damage to your Revomaze. To prevent this happening, when the puzzle is not in use we would recommend that you use a stand for your puzzle and somewhere safe to prevent damage to something or someone.

1. Use a puzzle pouch.

Puzzle pouches are great because they prevent the possibility of any sort of damage that could potentially happen to your Revomaze such as potential dents, scratches or unwanted marks is the last thing you want to happen! We sell black velvet pouches on our website and usually are always in stock. If you’re interested, you should visit the accessories section on our website.

3. Do not leave unattended with children.

Kids are curious about everything and anything, and the Revomaze could be a potential danger to small children. This is because of obvious reasons such as tiny parts, the hard outer surface such as the sleeve and the shaft and the bubble label which can be removed quite easily. We would recommend that you are always vigilant when a child is handling the puzzle and as stated before, keep your puzzle protected as much as possible.

4.  Avoid using too much force 

You think you’ve hit a dead-end and you don’t know where to go next, this is one of the most common occurrences where too much force is not needed and it can cause damage to your puzzle. It’s important to bear in mind at all times when using the Revomaze that it is fragile and things can go wrong if too much pressure is added. Next time, gently navigate the pin in difficult areas of the maze and take regular breaks if you think you are not making progress.

5. Take regular breaks.

Similar to 4, we strongly advise that you take regular breaks when solving the Revomaze. Over a period of time you will begin to notice that your hands or wrists will have dull aches and pains from over doing it. The operation of the Revomaze requires twisting, pushing and pulling movements which over time can cause aches.

It’s vital that you pick it up for a short period of time, come back to it after a little while and start again. Mapping is a popular tactic to solving a Revomaze, if you feel that you are not making any progress, trying to visualise the maze in your head and mapping it can be of help or discussing it with other Revomaze solvers before continuing.

We hope that this short guide has made an impact on the way you use your Revomaze’s. Please feel free to share our blog with others who may find this useful! Until next time…


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