Our ultimate and best puzzle to date arrives for 2020

The long-anticipated Salmon Revomaze was announced to the fans of the puzzles back in 2016. Since then, we have come a long way to get this puzzle just right. Our customers have been exceedingly patient and supportive which is amazing, we are really excited about the release of Salmon this year and we know you are too!

We expect the Salmon orders starting to be shipped at some stage in January, we have two core types that will be used which are V1 and V3 (the customer’s request) we have a blog post all about the core design change and why it is excellent for us at HQ, our customers, and the puzzle’s functionality.

Meet Salmon.

The objective of the puzzle is to take the Salmon back to where it was born in the spawning pool.  In your travels, you will be confronted by dangers, twists and turns and a series of manipulations.

The storyline of a Salmon’s adult life involves travelling long distances in the sea, their life begins in the spawning pool where mature Salmon swims to the river to breed. The maze has small, delicate operations that will require a demanding and strict map to help you understand the maze.

A Salmon’s lifespan seems effortless, they hatch in freshwater, migrate to the ocean, then return to freshwater to produce, then perform this all over again. Yet, in their lifetime they are encountered with plenty of challenges they must defeat, in this story, you play the role of the Salmon building a journey from the start to the end.

The Salmon species can be described as an exceptional type of fish that resembles strength and persistence. These attributes will link with your personal quest of conquering the inevitable obstacles you’ll discover throughout your journey.

The Salmon can live for many years and survive many obstacles that can disrupt their journey. This type of fish can be described as strong, resilient and dedicated to reaching where they need to be. These characteristics of the Salmon will describe your own voyage and will help you win.

The adventure promises to challenge you along the way, due to their size and vulnerability when they are firstborn, the Salmon is a target who appeals to nasty predators such as Eagle’s, Bears, Seals, and Fly Fishermen. With clever tactics, the predators can be skilfully dodged. This will take your time, tolerance and willpower, but we assure you it’ll be worth it in the end once it has been successfully completed.

If you’re seeking a complex and mysterious challenge, you should choose the Salmon for an exciting adventure. We wish you the best of luck on your journey ahead and remember to not give up!

Over the next few weeks, we will be giving out plenty of teasers and updates about the release of the Salmon! Make sure you like or follow us on all social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We’ll see you over there!

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