Beginner Level

Revomaze beginner puzzles are a perfect place to begin your journey but do not be fooled, beginner does not mean easy!

These complex and highly entertaining mazes will keep you busy for hours as you twist and turn your way through the blind maze. You have to find your way through, but you can’t see where you’re heading. You must use dexterity and memory to feel your way around to complete the challenge, but beware, one click and you’re in a trap that will take you right back to the beginning again.

The beginner collection features the Aqua, Turquoise, and Blue mazes which measure 30 – 50 out of 100 on the Revomaze difficulty scale. Suitable for the young puzzler and those new to the Revomaze challenge, these stunning mazes will also challenge the experienced puzzler.

Designed and manufactured by a dedicated team in the North of England, these beautiful mazes are machined and assembled by hand, from top quality materials and nestled in a stunning presentation case making them the perfect gift for the puzzle enthusiast in your life.

Our beginner puzzles are a gateway to advanced puzzling and take dexterity, skill, and perseverance to solve.

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