Beginner Level

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You are not able to see where you are going, you must use dexterity and memory to feel your way around to complete the challenge. Using a series of twists and pulls of the center shaft feeling your way around the maze, when the puzzle “clicks” this means you have fallen into a trap and will have to return to the beginning. If you like the sound of that, start your Revomaze journey today with our beginner puzzles, but don’t be fooled, beginner, in this case, does not mean easy. Our beginner suite of puzzles is a gateway to advanced puzzling and take dexterity, skill, and perseverance to solve.

The beginner level Revomaze’s prepare you for the greater challenges ahead like our intermediate level puzzles and eventually the advanced level puzzles.


V3 Aqua

£85.00 Available 27th March 2020.


V3 Turquoise

£95.00 Available 27th March 2020.


V3 Blue

£110.00 Available 27th March 2020.