Our collection of Intermediate puzzles will help you develop your skills even further.

Work your way through our Intermediate mazes using your dexterity, patience, and focus, but beware: these puzzles take it to the next level with subtle twists, turns, and secret traps that will both delight and frustrate you.

It has the potential to hold your attention for hours before you master it. If you’ve mastered the Beginner mazes, the Intermediate-level mazes are the next step up.

The Green, Bronze, Orange, Mint and Titanium edition mazes are included in the intermediate collection, with difficulty levels varying from 60 to 80 on the Revomaze scale. These mazes are designed for experienced puzzlers who have completed a beginner edition puzzle.

Designed and manufactured by a dedicated team in the North of England, these beautiful mazes are machined and assembled by hand, from top quality materials, and nestled in a stunning presentation case making them the perfect gift for the puzzle enthusiast in your life.

Shop our range of Intermediate puzzles here.

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