We’ve added Product Bundle, also known as “Puzzle Bundles,” to the Revomaze shop, enabling you, the customer, to choose which Revomaze’s to combine.

You can now make your own kit by substituting the Sets! You can obtain a percentage discount on your order depending on the amount purchased. Most importantly, making your own is simple and enjoyable!

Sets were previously a great way to save money by purchasing Revomaze’s that were close in difficulty level. However, we discovered that the Sets were not always suitable depending on which Revomazes the individual already owned. For example, if they already owned an Aqua but decided to buy the Foundation Set, the Sets were not always suitable. With Product Bundle or ‘Create Your Own,’ you can now choose which puzzles you want to play.

Begin putting together your bundle right now.


Product Bundle

Puzzle Bundle

From: £204.00 £193.80