Q&A session with Grigore

Grigore has been a Revomaze fan for a long time and has a large Revomaze collection. In today’s blog post, we go through why Grigore became interested in puzzles as a hobby and how Revomaze’s have impacted his life.

1. In what year did you become a Revomaze supporter?

Okay. Well, I have discovered Revomaze in September-October 2017, not sure exactly the right month, but around that time. I was watching MrPuzzle video on Blue V1. After that, I start reading a lot about Revomaze History and the background. As they were quite expensive for me, I had to make sure that I really want them. After reading all the history and all the threads on the forum, I have ordered my first 7 set of Revomaze in January 2018. Since then I’m a full supporter of Revomaze.

2. How many Revomaze’s do you currently own?

It’s a hard question. Let me try to answer it in my way. Since I have become addicted to Revomaze, I have always dreamed to have the complete collection of it. When I have ordered my first set, the Black Merc was sold out, so the Salmon Revomaze. I was so sad at that time. I even email Chris about it but the list was full. So I was always looking for Gold, Purple, Red, Black, etc. I had 21 Revomazes in my collection, 5 Obsessions, and the rest metal since a few months ago when I had the chance to buy a complete collection from a collector, so I will be having the complete collection, more than 30 Revomaze. Including Red, Purple, Black, Handmade, CE Set, Gold, etc. My Revomaze Dream Me is accomplished now!

3. As well as the Revomaze puzzle, what other puzzles do you like?

I also like Popplocks and Isis puzzles. I would love to try Angel Box Puzzle one day. Mostly I like all the metal puzzles, as I consider them more difficult in designing as it requires a lot of skills and not only.

4. What advice would you give to someone new to Revomaze?

Hmmm, follow the path and be patient.

5. In your opinion what was the trickiest maze you solved?

That’s a very good question. Probably Gunmetal. It took me the longest hours to solve and it requires a lot of persistence and commitment. Many people fail at this point which keeps in mind to only solve the puzzle, not to enjoy it. It requires a lot of patience but probably I will change my opinion on it as I’m working on Silver right now. Evil

Gunmetal should be easy peasy lemon squeezy comparing to Silver.

6. What was the easiest?

Good one. I think Titanium and Copper for me. I absolutely loved these two. I enjoyed them so much. Even if some people said that’s not possible. After solving so many Revo’s I knew exactly what I have to do so I managed to solve Titanium under 4 hours with mapping. As for Copper, I challenged myself to solve it with no mapping at all, just by memory and I managed to solve it under 7 hours, the most frustrating one but I DID IT, so I challenge other people too. To solve a Revomaze without any map, just using memory skills. Great feeling at the end.

7. If you could create any Revomaze colour, what would it be?

Great question! Well, I have thought of that for a while now. If I could ever create a Revomaze colour, that would be a Pearl colour! Not a white one, not a matt white one, but a Pearl Revomaze one. Would love to see that one day! I’m sure collectors and regular customer would love that!

Grigore says: “Good music helps!” you can find many playlists on YouTube.

8. What do you want to see for the future?

Well…I think what everybody else wants. More Revomazes. A lot of Revomazes. As many as you can guys. A mini Revo of each static design, many more colours, plastic versions with every colour. And maybe other products related to Revomaze.

9. What is your favourite accessory?

My favorite accessory is training aids. I love their quality and colours. Even if some people prefer the metal touch, they help me a lot during solving a Revo. Without them, I would be in pain all the time and my fingers cramping. They are great and a must-have for every Revo addicted!

10. You have 2 minutes to talk about Revomaze, what would you say?

Check the website and the forum! Obviously kidding. Well, I couldn’t list everything in two minutes. That’s guaranteed!! All I could say is that in the past two years and since I become a Revomaze Collector, I’ve met the greatest community of good people, that’s including the RevoHQ team and the Forum Community. If you want to have a great atmosphere while solving a puzzle, you should definitely have to check out the RevoHQ and its members. The greatest people are at Revomaze, keep that in mind! That says it all!!!

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