Q&A with James Bousselot

We thought it would be a great idea to hold a monthly Q&A with our fantastic Revomaze solvers here at HQ. James is the first blog we thought we’d start with (nos6074).

What was your first puzzle purchase, and why did you choose it?

The first Revomaze I purchased was the blue. I got this version because I was not certain how difficult the Revomaze series would be.

How did you learn about the Revomaze Puzzle?

I first came across Revomaze through another puzzle forum in a thread discussing other puzzles.

What is your favourite puzzle from the ones we’ve released?

My favourite Revomaze would be the Orange.

Following on from the previous question, why was that specific puzzle your favourite? *spoilers excluded*

The Orange has a well balanced mix of both static and dynamic elements.

How many puzzles do you have in your collection, including Revomaze’s?

Without duplicates I have 12 Revomaze’s in my collection.

Finally, when was the fastest time you completed a Revomaze puzzle, and which puzzle was it?

The Fastest I have completed a Revomaze would be just under 2 hours. I completed the Revomaze Red in this time due to precise mapping

Any further thoughts?

I truly enjoy my Revomaze series because not only are they fantastic puzzles but they are also great show pieces. I have many people that have seen my collection and are baffled that they can be opened at all.

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