Rachel interviews Shane! – April 2019

Rachel interviews Shane

More about Shane:

Shane, always known as ‘darctangent‘ on the Revomaze forum, likes to think that he had a positive impact on the Indigo, Shane said he thought it was a great opportunity and to work closely with Chris was a privilege to create a unique puzzle design.

V1 Indigo

1) As a huge Revomaze supporter, have you always loved puzzles or was Revomaze the one that sparked your interest?

Shane says I’ve always loved puzzles. I remember being introduced to a wooden sphere puzzle and a Rubik’s cube when I was a kid. I found the journey to the solution of the Revomaze to be very rewarding. Revomaze is what really got me into collecting.

2) Out of the many Revomaze’s out there, which one is your favourite?

Really, my favourite is any new one. They are all unique and each adds an element to the spectrum of the product. It would be really hard for me to pick a favourite.

3) What is your fastest solving speed for the Blue?

I’ve never timed myself, but I can do Blue in a couple of minutes.

4) What tips would you give to someone who was getting aches from using the Revomaze too much?

If you are getting sore, take a break and think. Draw a map, give your hands a rest. After watching your pain level, when it starts up, take a break.

5) If you could design your Revomaze any colour, what would it be?

Indigo, of course. 🙂

6) Where did the Indigo design inspiration spark from?

The inspiration for Indigo was from solving other Revomaze designs. I would think about what Chris could have created in there to stump us. I just kept track of my ideas and put a bunch together in one design.

7) What advice would you give to someone who has never played with a Revomaze?

Start with an easy one and give it at least a 15-minute try. That seems to be the time it takes to figure out the basic mechanics and to start to develop a mental map.

8) How many puzzles roughly have you collated in your collection?

I have over sixty Revomaze’s all different in one way or another. I’m still looking for a Silver V1 or any other number 105s.

9) What encourages you to solve a puzzle when it feels near enough impossible?

The challenge, and then the reward. When I open a puzzle that is very hard, or when I get to a new area, it’s very exciting. I always look forward to seeing the core and figuring out how Chris made a simple feature so challenging.

10) What ideas do you have that you believe would impact Revomaze massively?

I’d like to see brass and gold plated drawbars, metal stands, T-shirts, caps, pens, keychains, spinners, and other merchandise.

And that’s it for today! I hope you enjoyed reading this small Q&A! – Rachel 🙂

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