What Alex did for his work experience

Another month means another blog post, so hello and welcome back. This month is all about Alex’s work experience, and we can’t wait to tell you about it!

The team agreed that we wanted to share our extremely eventful week at HQ with you. This week, we asked Alex to spend a week with us as part of his work experience. Chris first met Alex at a Costa (a British coffee shop chain) while Alex was trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube. Chris was intrigued, so he approached Alex and his father; shortly after, Chris introduced the Revomaze’s to Alex.

Alex solved the Blue novice Revomaze in less than a month after receiving it, and he can now solve the Blue in under 30 seconds! His next challenge will be the Bronze, which he has never tried before.

Alex was greeted by a friendly team of people on his first day, which helped him settle in quickly. His long-term ambition is to work in engineering. We provided Alex with the ideal opportunity by providing him with a full week of hands-on experience working with machinery in our workshop.

On Tuesday, he travelled to our engineers with Chris and Josh; while he was initially nervous about travelling a few hours away from home, he returned feeling excited and relaxed. Alex’s eagerness to participate and be a part of something amazing was evident throughout the week.

Alex’s last day of work experience is today, and as sad as we are that it is, we are very excited about his future, which we know will be very bright! On Thursday, Alex and Chris worked all day on a maze with the same difficulty as the Aqua. It will be manufactured today, and we are all excited to see the end result of the machine’s wizardry.

Alex’s eagerness and determination to learn made the week a joy, and we hope to see him again during the summer break. Here are a few photos taken by our Operations Manager, Chloe, throughout the week. Thank you for your time reading this!

Rachel working alongside Alex taking some shots of the Revomaze.
Alex’s puzzle collection!
Alex holding the Bronze for the first time.

Alex helping Josh solve the Rubik’s Cube.

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