Revomaze Trivia! Pt 2

Another round of Trivia is upon us! In last month’s blog, we answered some of our most commonly asked questions! We received a lot of positive comments, and you all requested a sequel! We also know that there are a lot of new members in the community that are curious about the Revomaze line, so we hope this information is useful.

Q) When is the new Revomaze going to be released?

In 2019, we stated that we would be releasing a brand-new beginner puzzle, the Turquoise V3, as well as an advanced Revomaze called Grey V3, both of which have now been released. As most of you are probably aware, Grey is yet to be designed. According to our plans, Grey will be included to the website in 2020. Chris, the puzzles’ creator and idea developer, wants to create a new puzzle that will surprise and intrigue our customers. Keep an eye out for release dates on this page…

Q) Have you considered having a live Twitter Q&A?

We must be honest, but why not? We think this is an excellent concept. We connect with our consumers on a regular basis, and using a live broadcast would be excellent. We haven’t done it yet, but seeing the team and learning more about the firm and, of course, the puzzles, would be amazing.

Q) Have you thought about doing a giveaway?

Two years ago, Revomaze held a giveaway on our Facebook page, which was a wonderful opportunity to engage and connect our consumer base. Who doesn’t enjoy a nice freebie? We recently discussed holding a giveaway, and it’s something I’d like to bring up again. Once the team is back to normal, we have a lot of ideas that we want to put into action. If this happens this year, we’ll update you via social media and the monthly newsletter, so keep an eye out!

Q) Is it possible that the team will bring back clear sleeves?

We’d be delighted to, as they were a huge hit when we had them in stock and rapidly sold out. Knowing your Revomaze begins with exploring the maze without seeing it; once it’s opened, seeing the maze in front of your eyes is a fantastic experience that we’ve heard about many times. The Revomaze puzzles’ plastic core is also a safer option for younger children.

We hope you loved reading as much as we enjoyed creating this month’s blog post! If you’d like a part three, please let us know in the comments! We’d love to hear your suggestions…

Team Revomaze

One thought on “Revomaze Trivia! Pt 2

  1. Christopher Linnick says:

    Keep it up! There have been several others asking, when are you restocking some of others – like Lime, Bronze, etc and in V3? Also, any long term plans after grey, for example another advanced or limited edition such as yellow. or a dark red/maroon?

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