The Black Merc V1’s have now shipped

Hello and welcome to the Revomaze blog! In today’s post, we delve into detail regarding the Black Merc’s history and development, as well as the last stages leading up to their delivery to their owners. The Black Merc V1 was a special project of 22 puzzles only aimed at Revomaze enthusiasts looking to complete their collection. Shane, a Revomaze enthusiast and good friend of Chris, the Revomaze inventor, commissioned the Black Merc V1’s.

Black Merc’s history

It all got underway when, due to great demand, we produced the maze in plastic under the supervision of our original engineers. When we changed engineers, we created a new Black with an engineering firm called Merc Engineering, which was designed by our new engineers. This was never made of metal, but it was always a dream of ours to make it because so many people liked the design.

Shane contacted Chris in 2017 with the request to commission the production in order to complete his collection, which includes all of the puzzles, including the original Black. Shane then began compiling a list of those who were interested; we quickly discovered that there was a high demand and that many people wanted to reserve.

The Black Merc prototype lottery

Chris created a Black Merc prototype as a proof of concept, confirming that all of the pieces that had been updated from the Black Obsession worked properly. Chris wished for the prototype to remain with the 22 Black Merc owners and proposed a lottery to decide who would be the owner.

Every Wednesday and Saturday, the National Lottery bonus ball numbers are drawn in the United Kingdom. If a person’s chosen number is drawn, that person will be the winner of the prototype! If no numbers are drawn that match the chosen numbers, the game will resume the following week until a number is decided.

Every buyer who reserved a Black Merc was eligible to win a prototype Black Merc machined at Revo HQ by Chris, and participation was entirely optional. The prototype was made of raw brass and did not contain a Black Merc sleeve. Each owner of a Black Merc was contacted individually and offered the option of choosing a number between 1 and 59. Find out more details by clicking on the following link:

Mason Meier won the lottery for the Black Merc prototype! The winning number was drawn on Saturday, September 18, 2021.

Final stages of the Black Merc

The sleeves were at Revomaze HQ, and the plating of the cores was the Black Merc’s final step of development. Our nickel plating company does an excellent job producing a high-quality nickel plated core. We were ready to start assembly and packaging as soon as we received the cores back from our plating company.

The last stages of the Black Merc development were an exciting experience for everyone at Revomaze HQ; we had been looking forward to this point for a long time! The bead-blasted sleeve added to the puzzle’s uniqueness, as did the nickel-plated core, which improved the puzzle’s overall appearance, resulting in a superb display item.

The puzzle was placed in a luxurious black box with custom cut foam in the shape of a Revomaze. The box’s sturdiness is ideal for keeping your puzzle safe. We published pictures of the Black Merc’s after they were boxed and shipped on our social media sites; see the images we uploaded below.


Thank you for reading, and we hope you learned more about the Black Merc’s as a result of today’s blog post. If you would like to ask our team any questions, please feel welcome to contact us.

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