The demand for materials leads to price changes


Welcome to the Revomaze blog; in today’s post, we’ll discuss why we’ll be modifying our puzzle costs, as well as how the global need for raw materials is affecting business and how price adjustments are caused by demand for materials.

Various issues may be highlighted, including worldwide material demand, which is driven by many companies, such as the construction and manufacturing industries, which are affected by the restrictions. We’ll look at how this affects us and our suppliers since supply remains tight and demand is expected to stay high.

This means that we will have to adjust our prices today, Wednesday, September 1, 2021, at 1:00 PM (BST); our most recent puzzle costs will be posted on our website. Despite the price increase, we will continue to provide high-quality puzzles that are both entertaining to solve and alluring to look at.

What is causing the rise in material prices?

There is a high demand for materials on the worldwide market, and COVID-19 has resulted in staff shortages and shorter working hours. Due to a limited supply chain, this has produced a sense of urgency in purchasing supplies and difficulties in obtaining them.

Obtaining materials

The cost of material from our suppliers has increased as a result of similar difficulties. Materials such as bar for maze machining, as well as components such as springs, have increased in cost. The urgency is greater as the demand grows at a rapid rate.


Due to lengthier lead times, our engineers have experienced difficulty getting materials from their suppliers. Despite the delay, we appreciate all of our customers who have waited patiently. As soon as possible, we’ll go to work on assembly and shipment!

Following the third national lockdown, our engineers experienced a lengthier wait time after reopening. We couldn’t get our usual grade of aluminium, so we had to look for another. The quality of aluminium we used was difficult to come by due to a variety of issues including availability, pricing, and content.

Chris came across some material and obtained a sample. Chris then machined the sample here at Revomaze HQ to match the finish of the sleeves and allow us to evaluate the anodizing. The results came back good, however, this resulted in additional delays and an increase in the cost of new aluminium.


We were unable to obtain the bar from one of our suppliers, so we turned to another. We discovered that the price of the bar had increased. When we received the bar, we found that the quality had reduced; the bar had been bent, which should not have happened because it was cold rolled.

Nickel plating

As we recently stated on our blog and other social media channels, we have reintroduced nickel plating to our mazes. We explain why we made this decision and all you need to know in the July blog. To view the blog article, go here.

Nickel plating is an additional step in the manufacturing process, and we must allow enough time for a large order to be completed. The extra process costs the company more money to plate the mazes, but we know that many of our customers are willing to spend a little more if it means they’ll get a plated core, which many of our customer base value.

We are steadily striving with our suppliers to enhance our puzzles, and the effort put forth is so well worth it. Many of you will be pleased to learn that we will be nickel plating our mazes in the V3 style for the first time, and we look forward to hearing your feedback and photos once you receive your plated V3 Revomaze’s.

Puzzle bundle

We’ve changed our puzzle bundle rates as a result of our recent puzzle price adjustment. The new percentages begin at 2.5 per cent for two Revomazes’ and go up to 12.5 percent for 6 Revomaze’s or more as a maximum discount.

Questions and answers

Q) What impact will raw material prices and demand have on the company?

A) Manufacturers, such as our engineering, plating, and anodizing firm, are responding to these rapid and sudden changes as a result of these events that have impacted everyone throughout the world. Our higher manufacturing expenses will not be sufficient to offset our higher production costs.

Q) My order is currently processing, will this affect my order?

A) No pricing modifications will be made if you have a processed order. Prices will change beginning September 1, 2021, at 1:00 PM (BST) for orders placed after that date.


We’d like to express our gratitude to everyone for their continuous support and understanding in these times.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you have learned something from today’s blog post. If you would like to ask our team any questions, please feel welcome to contact us.

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