The search for rare Revomaze’s

Welcome! In this blog, we’ll discuss the demand for uncommon Revomaze’s as well as our most common in-stock items.

Revomaze enthusiasts all over the world have discovered that there are some unique Revo jewels out there that are highly sought after and difficult to come across. Since the story began on Boxing Day, 2008, when the first Revomaze was built, the series has grown over time, beginning with Revomaze 1, and there are now currently 25 designs in the R1 series.

Revomaze’s demand has grown because of the internet, which has allowed fans all around the world to share their experiences and chat with other puzzlers. There is a wealth of information out there that isn’t always easy to find, and the mazes are guarded and treasured by dedicated fans.

If you’re a frequent visitor to the shop, you’ll be familiar with which Revomaze’s have been restocked. At Revo HQ, the team has been busy converting shafts to the V3 style, which can be done in-house via our CNC machine. As a result, we’ll be able to run off the shafts here more quickly, boosting manufacturing efficiency. Customers have expressed their happiness with the return of more Revomaze’s to the shop, which is wonderful to hear!

Revomaze Coloured Sleeves

Maybe you bought a Revomaze years ago and it’s tucked in a drawer somewhere; have a peek; you never know what you’ll discover! These days, demand for Revomaze’s on auction sites like eBay is great, and buyers are willing to pay a price for a rare collector item.

Some Revomaze’s are described as ‘Special Edition’ or ‘Limited Edition’.

  • The term Special Edition refers to a puzzle that differs from the regular format or design.
  • The term Limited Edition refers to a puzzle that is a small run and once they’re gone they won’t return to normal production.

Let’s take a look at the most widely available Revomaze’s right now, as well as the rarer gems to look out for on sites like eBay and Puzzle Paradise, where collectors are regularly checking what possible rare puzzles come up for sale.

Most widely available Revomaze’s right now!

When you think of the most widely available Revomaze right now, what comes to mind? Most people will think of the Beginner versions, which is true! Levels geared at beginners, young puzzlers, and often purchased as gifts are our best-selling mazes! Let’s go back into time all the way back to 2008 where the very first Revomaze puzzle was designed, which was based on what we know as the Blue to this day.

The Blue is well known for being a challenging but highly entertaining Revomaze to solve; once solved, the great feeling makes solving it again even more satisfying!

Where can I find rare out of production Revomaze’s online?

  • The ‘Revomaze Plastic Shafted hidden maze puzzle’, which was a Black Obsession, had 19 bids in May and sold for US $300.00 (about £212.38)

Click on the following link to read more:

  • The ‘Red Revomaze Obsession’ had a total number of 31 bids and sold for $260.00 (about £183.68)

Click on the following link to read more:

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4 thoughts on “The search for rare Revomaze’s

  1. Colin D says:

    It seems like the plastic Obsession series was designed so they could be created very quickly, and sold for much cheaper than the metal ones. However, now I don’t see any Obsession on the website, and it’s harder to get a plastic Obsession than even a metal Extreme revomaze. The last few sold used have cost more than most of the brand new metals on the website.

    What happened? Is Obsession just a failed experiment never to return? Does Revomaze want to stay an exclusive and expensive CNC machined metal puzzle? Or will the Obsession’s true original purpose of being a cheaper mass produced Revomaze that allows many more people to experience the puzzle ever be realized?

    • Rachel says:

      Hi Colin! Thank you for your reply. The Obsession series was a terrific addition to the Revomaze line, and the plastic version has come up in various discussions before. We have no plans to bring the Obsessions back very soon, but it is something that could change in the future! I hope you find this information useful, if there is any news on the plastics we’ll be sure to keep everyone posted.

      • Colin D says:

        Thanks for the reply. Are you able to share more detail about what happened to make Obsession no longer made? It seems like a much easier maze to produce than the Extreme, and would definitely bring more people into Revomaze that can’t current afford the metal mazes. Discontinuing it is a bit confusing. Thanks.

        • Rachel says:

          No problem at all, we are happy to help! We used Delrim at the time, which is a brittle plastic that tended to break, and we never used it again because it was almost the same price as the metals. I hope this information helps!

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