V1 Indigo chat with Shane Seward – November 2015

V1 Indigo Evolution – Shane Seward Q+A

So what got you onto making your own Revomaze?

I wanted to show Chris some of my ideas.  I was going to get my own core created and send it to Chris, but every machinist I went to when they saw a Revomaze core said it was beautiful, but they could not make it.

Did you have any design ideas in mind / based off something?

My friend Tom and I would discuss Revomaze on the way to work.  We would try and guess what Chris could have designed to trip us up.  Many of the features evolved out of those discussions.

How long did it take you to design the Indigo?

About three months.  After that Chris looked at the design an introduced me to factors of which I was completely unaware.  A new great feature got added at that point and it really started to get refined.

You had to adapt the design, do you feel that benefited the puzzle?

Absolutely.  My design had a couple of features which were not suitable for a production puzzle.  Chris came up with a solution that was innovative and added to the overall design.

How do feel the indigo rates in difficulty and solve time?

I think it’s about 85/100.  I’ll be interested to see how others rate it.

Is there any twists and turns that will surprise people?

There will be a great surprise at the end, I can’t wait for people to open it up and see the core for the first time. I also managed to hide my initials in there, but they are well hidden!

Where did you get the idea of an Indigo colour?

I initially wanted white, but I found out you cannot anodize white. Chris has already used all the standard colors, so we had to go to a custom color at additional cost.  Of all the options, Chris, Rachel, and I liked the Indigo the best.

Are you happy with the end Puzzle?

Very!  It was amazing to see it go from a rough design on paper to a beautifully machined end product.  I feel very fortunate to have had this opportunity.  Hopefully people will enjoy what we have created.


Thanks Shane, we are honoured to have helped create a really great puzzle! Check out the Indigo for yourself –

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