We reflect back on 2019!

As we’re coming towards the end of the year, we decided to base this month’s blog post on reflection of 2019. Our small team of four has shown creativity this year with lots of ideas that have been implemented to the business and it has been very rewarding. We have re-invented our image such as changing the color scheme for Revomaze which is now Orange & Black! As you may have noticed, our logo has changed to Orange what was Black. Along with the website which has also been completely reformed over the year, the website is something we’re now very proud of which wonderfully represents who we are and what we do. For next year our plans are to continue what we have done this year, but better. We have been introduced to lots of new customers who have fallen in love with the Revomaze’s, along with people they know, which has brought a lot of joy to the team, especially Chris, (the creator of the puzzles) who is still inventing amazing Revomaze’s for people to enjoy and speak about.

Following on from creating new puzzles, this November we released the V3 Turquoise! Our aim was to create a beginner puzzle that fitted in nicely between Aqua and Blue, with a difficulty level of 40/100 it is still challenging of course but the feedback we have had so far has been excellent! Due to the Christmas chaos and the excitement of a newly released puzzle, unfortunately, there are no Turquoise’s left in stock until next year!

At the end of November, we brought back Lime to our online store which was released back in 2012 with a startling difficulty level of 85/100! For the most patient of puzzlers out there, the Lime is a puzzle that’ll keep your mind active for a very long time. The people who have opened the Lime have described their experience as ‘enjoyable’, ‘very cool’ and ‘best Revo out there’ there are many more positive comments about the Lime and the customer journey.

The machine in our workshop has helped Chris and Josh create new puzzles such as Turquoise and allows us to make the cores at HQ which is much more practical for the team. For example, if we’re out of stock on mazes, Chris or Josh can run off 15-20 V3 Blue mazes in one working day which is fantastic! The machine will also be incredibly efficient for future puzzles that need to be made as well as new designs in the future.

Salmon has also developed this year very much! We are excited to hear everyone’s thoughts on the Salmon once it is released to the public, Salmon will be one of the most challenging puzzles out of the Revomaze range yet and we know very well that most of you enjoy a good challenge.

Thank you all for your customs this year and we wish you a very Merry Christmas & all our best wishes for the new year!

The Revomaze Team

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