Steve Cornett – USA

“Anyone from Amateur Puzzler to Puzzle Expert can enjoy this puzzle… and it is a great ‘Brain Game’ workout as well !

I was surprised at how quickly I didn’t need to look at my cheat sheet, as I started to memorize the ‘way’.

DO NOT LET THIS PASS YOU BY WITHOUT TRYING ONE!  Congratulations Chris Pitt…its Amazing”

2 weeks ago

Revomaze Puzzles


Hi Guys,

Just to let you know that I have released the pre-orders for the individual puzzles on the shop.

The engineers are starting work this week on the next batch and we are looking at getting the stock first and second week in June for us to ship orders out. I will be keeping very close tabs on the engineers and be issuing regular updates.

Chris is spending the rest of this month in the workshop catching up on Salmon, R2 and various other historical orders.

I will be writing a full update over the next week so everyone is in the loop. Now things have started to calm down a little I want to start posting regular updates on what were up to here at Revo HQ.

Thank you for your continued support.

Kindest regards,
Chris & Phil
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1 month ago

Revomaze Puzzles

- Orders and Shipment Update from REVO HQ -

Dear All,

Firstly my apologies on the radio silence of late. Chris and I have been battling against time to get all our back orders shipped and up to date. We are well aware that this time round has taken a lot long than usual and we have put procedures in place to hopefully stop this in future. One of main reasons it has taken so long to turn around this time has been due to our engineers having an unprecedented workload followed by the anodisers in same situation.

You will be glad to know that we have started to ship orders and working methodically so as to quality check and not make any mistakes as we go.

One of the main problems we have is the local village post office we use to ship most of our orders can only take a certain amount of parcels at any one time. We have had to schedule bulk drops at specific times focusing on the smaller orders to start with and work our way up to the 7 puzzle sets. We are also doing this because Chris can only make up a certain amount of puzzles in one go. So to stop any school boy errors we are doing batches of the same puzzles at once, thus clearing more space in the workshop and warehouse/kitchen for us to concentrate on the larger orders.

Our aim is to have most of the orders shipped by Friday this week with Chris concentrating on the 7 puzzle sets and anything else left next week. We have roughly 300 orders to go to clear the back log so my apologies if we are a little slow in responding to enquiries. The coffee pot is on constantly and I can assure you we are not avoiding you!

Once your orders have been shipped you will receive and email from Maddi, our new office assistant, with your tracking information on it. Maddi is great and is doing an apprenticeship scheme with us. She is working incredibly fast and is getting her feet firmly under the table in such a sort space of time.

Hopefully next week will be a little easier and we will have time to answer any questions in full then.

Thank you in advance for your continued patience and support for REVOMAZE. It really does mean a great deal to us all here at REVOHQ.

As always if you have any questions please contact me directly on and I will endeavour to help.

Kindest regards

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2 months ago

Revomaze Puzzles

Easter Bank Holiday Update From Revo HQ


This is just a quick update on where we are up to and our opening times for the Easter Bank Holiday this coming weekend.

Thank you for your continued support for RevoMaze.

Over the last few weeks we have been gathering together all the parts from our engineers to start assembling everyone’s order. Your patience is extremely appreciated by Chris and myself whilst we catch up.
On the whole everything manufacturing wise has arrived on schedule. The only issue we have had is the anodising process. We use a really dedicated, small firm in the North West of England that has created special jigs to make sure there aren’t any scratches or blemishes on the puzzles sleeves. Each one is inspected with care. It’s this level of detail Chris and I like because it means the puzzle you will receive is absolutely flawless. The only problem is because these guys are so good they are in high demand and it’s pushed us back by a couple of days, just because of their heavy workload.

Chris is there today to pick up some more stock with all the back orders being picked up at the start of next week.

The Easter Break is going to push some shipments into next week now. However even if the postal service is having some time off we certainly won’t be! This weekend is going to be filled with more assembling, quality checking and parcelling up ready to go.

Effectively the office is closed from Friday 30th and re-opening Tuesday 3rd April for the Easter Bank Holiday.
Chris and I will be busy packing up orders so will only have limited access to our emails.
We will address all enquiries when we get back into the office on Tuesday 3rd April.

From all of us here at RevoHQ we wish you a very Happy Easter and we’ll see you on the other side!
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2 months ago

Revomaze Puzzles

Hi Guys,

I would like introduce myself, my name is Phil Scott and I am the new Marketing and Sales Manager for Revomaze.
I started with Chris yesterday and as with all new starts there was a lot to go through!
This week is for me to come up to speed with all things Revomaze and meet the engineers on Friday.
As time goes on I will become the main contact for all orders, enquiries and company updates. This will give Chris more time to get the orders up to date and time to design new puzzles in the workshop.
My background is in sales, customer service and company procedures. I plan to implement new communication strategies so that as a company we react quickly and efficiently with any and all enquiries.
I'm looking forward to learning from you experiences to drive the business forward with you in mind.
In the mean time if you have any questions please do let me know and I will be more than happy to help.

All the best,
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2 months ago

Revomaze Puzzles

Dear All

Much has happened over the last month, so it is time to get you all an update.

Orders ...

Our engineers are working hard on our parts, working to a very tight schedule. Since January, they have been extremely busy with many large orders as well as installing new machines.

This pushed our stock order into March, but after a visit on Wednesday, they are progressing very well. I will be starting to collect parts made next week, having the sleeves anodised and the mazes plated. Due to volume of work, we are getting Aqua then Blue followed by Green, Bronze, Indigo, Gunmetal, Copper and our new Mint.

Staff ...

Since December, we have tried to recruit an Administrator, and offered the position to Faye who signed the contract ready to start on the 6th March. This changed when she decided to stay at her current job.

I have been recruiting again and are please to say Phil Scott joins us on Monday. He is a professional with plenty of experience and is coming in as Sales & Marketing looking after the communications and ensuring everyone is kept in formed.

We also are recruiting an apprentice and we will be letting every one know once they are here. This means I can get working in the background while being confident the office is being looked after.

Phil will introduce himself on Monday who is tasked to get in touch with everyone and we look forward to working with him.

Existing Requests ...

My personal aim is to ensure all orders are shipped over the coming weeks and that I can concentrate on the outstanding issues.

Both Phil and I have plans for the rest of the year to build on the success of the puzzles.

If anyone needs to get in touch, please email where I will be happy to help.

Kindest regards


Chris Pitt
MD - Ashton Pitt Ltd
"Inventor of the Revomaze"
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