Customer Comments 

“Great thank you.  Congrats on the Revo’s and sales. I’m a new customer and am thoroughly enjoying it.

More feedback will get posted but wanted to pass along that I hope you will make more like Aqua as it can reach a broader audience in difficulty, pricing was on target, and drive your sales.  My 14 yr old is now interested and attempting 😀.  That is a good thing anytime he is off a computer screen!

Thanks. Aqua was a perfect puzzle!”

Chuck – USA


“Thanks! Love the puzzles!”

Tracy – USA


“Gday just got my blue open. Brilliant puzzle loved every minute of it, just need to reassemble it now. Thanks”

Scott – Aus


“This was my first and enjoyed it very much”

Dennis – Netherlands


“The first revomaze opened. Yay.  So satisfying to see the maze after your efforts to open it.Thanks

Jonathan – UK


 “Hey, Chris I have it. It looks brilliant, well worth the wait. I think the rawness of the handmade makes it look great you should make more limited additions as Handmade’s. Wow! got this excited and I’ve not even got past the start I look forward to discovering this maze.

UPDATE: By the way Chris the Handmade is an amazing puzzle. I have always loved dexterity puzzles as you are probably aware of after my orange design submission and this is perfect. Red has always been near the top of my favourites but was let down by the end but this takes it beyond the red and is truly worth the price and wait. Well done another great puzzle to the collection. And that dam bridge took me ages to realize that it was consistent and not me doing it wrong 6 times out of 7 lol.

Cheers for the pain

Ps many more like this please.”

Shaun – UK


Just a quick note Chris one word amazing.  I loved it thanks for sending the blue to me I wait for the next challenge of the green.  I cannot wait for the next, way more fun than the Isis adventure.  I have solve the first three so far.  I must say a much superior product as well.  Cheers”

Jonathan (Dr) – USA


Thanks, Chris!

Thank you for creating such an amazing series of puzzles. I’m really enjoying them. On to the Silver… (gulp)

best! “

Toby – USA


Hello chris, I would just like to let you know I received my puzzle today and am ADDICTED. Opening this puzzle and feeling it for the first time blew my mind. In my opinion, these are better than the isis adventure series. This is a job well done. One quick question, is the solving movements in the same sequence as the v1’s? thanks again for this awesome puzzle!”

Cody Byrnes – USA


“Hi Chris

Good to meet you at the show last week what a great puzzle I can’t stop picking it up and still can’t do it. BRILLIANT !!!


Jonathan – UK



“Hey Many Thanks for that great puzzle. Hope I can get one of the last Silvers.”

Fernand – Lux


“That was without a doubt the most frustrating and satisfying puzzle I have ever solved.”

Andy – USA


“Thanks for such a great thrill! On to bronze!”

Matt – USA


“Hi there,

Great puzzle! “That part” was a little difficult for me, even though I knew what to do! Keep up the good work!”

Andrew – USA


“A very Good Morning,

Well after approximately 6 months I finally have my Silver open.

What can I say other than WOW WHAT A RUSH!!!

What an incredible piece of kit, hats off to you Chris, your puzzle is a work of genius.

Kind Regards”

Graham:-) – UK


“hi! i wasn’t sure who to email to be put on the board :]

thank you for this awesome puzzle!”

Marina – USA


“At Last! After 9 weeks, I, Barrie near Bristol have done it!

Now I can get a decent night’s sleep. Thanks for a great puzzle. Cheers BJB”

Barrie – UK


“These times are approximate and to the best of my memory

Time spent actually working on the Bronze: 45-50 Hrs

Time spent studying my map, figuring things out, and dreaming about the maze: 25-30 Hrs.

Absolutely loved the Bronze

Hope this helps you out.”

Rob – CA


“Hi Revomaze Team,

I just wanted to tell you that I’ve finally managed to open the Revomaze Bronze. 🙂

Thanks a lot!”

Simon – USA


“Hi Chris,

Oh my god what a journey! It nearly killed me!

I have finally opened the silver revomaze

I have now opened all 4 of the series 1 revos – please place me in the first phase for the gold revo (I have pre-ordered)!

Thanks for 4 great puzzles.

I have emailed Nigel to let him know too.

Here are some pics to prove it too:”

Kevin – UK



“Hello Chris!

I have just opened your puzle! It was exiting!

Thanks for great puzle!

I wait your answer”

Belov – RUSSIA


“I just wanted to say that your puzzles rock!! They are helping to pass the time in this hell hole! Thanks!!

Looking forward on the Green and Blue that I just ordered. 


Michael – APO


“Thanks Chris! That’s very much appreciated!

And that was by far the most difficult puzzle that I have done to date! Until the Silver I guess.

Hopefully will be seeing you at the Gadget Show in April!

Kind regards,”

Oli – UK


“Hi! I’m delighted to email with the news that I’ve opened my blue Revomaze!

Thank you for the hours of fun! I’m really impressed with the design of the maze and the trap/reset system.

I’ve got a Silver maze too, which I was given for Christmas, though I’m currently very stuck! I bought the Blue recently to help me learn the ropes, and ordered a Green today.

best! From”

Toby – UK


“My silver isn’t broken, I was just trying to hop in a funky way.  It’s all good 🙂

Wow I think I need to go to the hospital for my poor tendons.  What do you always say, “lots and very often?” 😉

Thayne – USA


“Hi Chris,

I finally got my Silver Revomaze on Monday. It was definitely worth the wait and the puzzle is awesome, intriguing, and well made. I just had one follow-up question for you – I registered my puzzle as directed in the instructions and I have been told (by friends with a revomaze) that I will get a confirmation email with some additional information about the puzzle. I just want to validate that with you.


Rob – USA


“Obsessions done, saving for the bronze now!

Thank you for my hours of frustration!!!

Chris USA


“I have opened my Blue Extreme Revomaze. 

I would like to congratulate you on such an excellent product.  I have had bucket loads of entertainment from it.  Now I need to order the green.


Chris – UK


“thanks, great puzzle.”

Allan – UK


“Finally opened my blue maze tonight – great puzzle, one bit near the end had me stuck for ages, I was falling in traps everywhere. Anyway, can you tell me how to reassemble it please?

Does the map overlay onto the maze so you can see the correct path? If so what bits do the letters on the overlay correspond to on the shaft? Or is that another bit for me to work out 🙂


Martin – UK


“First of all thank you for probably the most frustrating puzzle I have ever encountered. I have calculated that it took about 20 hours!

It is the first of the obsession models (Blue). I’m not sure what information you require but I’m sure you have many other worthy people to bother with.

Thanks once again


Martin – UK


“Awesome!  The blue took me a little over 6 hours and most of that was on the mini bridge.  The green tools me a little more then 3 and a half hours, but it would have been an hour or so longer if I got stuck.. 

Overall, I felt the green was a lot harder but somehow shorter due to the previous experience I had with the blue.  This made for the perfect combination of being challenging (from all of the extra concepts thrown in), but not  dragging on forever.  As said before, I am really looking forward to the bronze.”

James – USA


“Just got a bronze revomaze for Christmas (my very first revomaze).

Awesome puzzle!  I am so stuck… I got past the first trap and then couldn’t get back to the start, but I just figured out how to reset all the way.  Any suggestions?”

Thayne – USA



You have a very cool puzzle,  I opened the blue and I would like to register and be added to your open list if there is still room. 

Thanks for making such a cool puzzle I can’t wait until I have a chance to order another one,”

Jon – USA


“Hi, I am currently enjoying your bronze puzzle.

Daunting for my first Revomaze, I am sure to get my money’s worth.

Much Thanks!”

Ben – USA



I’d like to register my Bronze Revomaze as open.

That was a crazy puzzle, and I can’t wait to start Silver!”

Tom – USA


“Hi Chris,

Just a quick email to let you know that I have now opened my bronze revomaze.

It took about 35-40 hours of work – and very nearly killed me (and my marriage!) I have to say that the design is stunning – the dynamic part is very clever.

I am not sure whether you received my email about the green which I opened 10 days ago.

I will work myself up to attempting the silver!

Really looking forward to receiving the gold – is it likely to be before Xmas?

I ask because it is my wife’s Xmas present to me!!!


Kevin – UK


“Hi Chris

Opened my Bronze I am very happy to say

P.S. – actually getting to look at the maze evokes the term ‘Evil Genius’”

Karl – UK


“I opened the blue Revomaze today.  Very satisfying.

Now I need the assembly instructions.

Time for the green.


Uhai – USA


“Hi Chris,

That was really devious it took me hours to realise the second part of the maze.

Then it took more time to work out the anatomy of 2 totally separate trap systems and it also took some very accurate mapping to wind my between them.

Very enjoyable thank you.  I will work myself up to attempting the bronze!

Have found the forum and the web clues – googled one and translated the other so I know what they mean but have no idea how they will help. All will be revealed.

The FAQ says the bronze is dynamic whilst the blue and green are static – what does this mean?


Kevin – UK



I have finally finish this demonic maze (about 7 hours).

Thank for all 🙂 “

Marc – FR


“Hi Chris and team

Thanks for the fantastic experience – after about 10 hours I have opened the blue REVOMAZE you sent me.

I am absolutely amazed at people who solve it in less than 6 hours!

Thanks for these – even my wife has said that they are beautifully engineered!

I think I might have a small break before starting the green – to give my nerves a rest!

All the best”

Kevin – UK



In regards to the staggered release of the gold, I have solved the silver.

I thank you in advance for your help. As always I appreciate your superb customer service and superb products.”

Jeremy – USA


“hi chris,

bought the three basic ones on SPIEL in Essen and im already addicted ; it s like this wooden labyrinth where you try avoiding the holes – only now doing it in the dark – very , very good fun.

Anyway   thank you for creating this a mazing machine ; greetings from Reinhausen,Germany”

Peter – Germany


“Hi Chris

I picked up a blue Revomaze at Essen 2010 on Saturday. Not cracked it yet but impressed by the evil ingenuity. I’m glad I took your advice and started with the ‘easy’ one. Please keep me updated with your products and congratulations on an excellent puzzle. (25/10/10)

You were an excellent find at the show and although I procrastinated a great deal about buying the metal blue I have to say it was a sparkling purchase. Just the most compelling and frustrating puzzle I’ve ever encountered which is stunningly subtle. The physiological games are sheer genius.

Regarding the opening instructions, being a bit old school about this sort of thing, I don’t want to ‘cheat’ and for my own pride want to solve this myself. However, as you say this is NECESSARY for the final opening are these instructions essential to get through (short of divine intervention or fluke)? Let me know because I’m not reading them if logic should sort this out. (26/10/10) 

Further to my mail last week, I’ve now discovered that the central bolt pulls out and the cert is wrapped around the inside. How awesome is that? 30/10/10″

Nick – UK


“Hi Chris!

First thanks for this amazing puzzle! I love it! Will buy more of those pretty soon, I’m addicted 🙂

I finished 2 days ago but was stuck on “how to open it from the dot (I’ve skip the blue)”. Now I can open it in about 20 secs 🙂

Thanks again!

Regards, “

Daniel – France


Dear Chris

Blue is open. Your Puzzle is really great. Tonight I can go to bed bit earlier……

Best regards”

Thomas – Switzerland


“Hi, Just received my Revomaze 😀

Many thanks, and I look forward to many hours on this piece of kit, it looks and feels awesome 😀

All the best”

Graham – UK


“That has to be the darnedest puzzle that I have ever had.  Congrats on the design. You suck for putting me through all this. 😛

Thanks for the fun.”

Chuck – USA


“Wooo hooo. That one was fun. 11 hours. Was stuck trying to work out the door for a while. Took me a while to realise the big flat line must be a door, then I was thinking it should move the other way because it couldn’t block the rest. Then one time whilst resetting I noticed a slight bit of resistance in the reset, but when I moved back to feel it again it was gone. Then i had it 🙂

The Euro wasn’t too bad. Took a while to get it happening but it was interesting. I quickly realised I was back at the door and that I’d have to move it back the other way, but took a few goes to be able to easily find the handle 🙂

Can’t wait to see what goes on in the Silver. Guess I’d better order one :)”

Roger – Australia


“Hi there,

Just wanted to register my Green Revomaze as open.

Another beautiful puzzle, and a nice step up from the Blue.  Solve time was around 5 hours working on the puzzle, with an elapsed time of 3 weeks, given travel for work.

Best Regards,”

Neil – USA


“Hi Chris,

After having so much fun with the Blue, I have succumbed to the addiction, and purchased more.  My Gold is pre-ordered, and I have my Green in my hands.  Bronze should be with me soon, however for now, here’s the details of my Green, so at least that’s registered with you.

Let the fun begin!”

Neil – USA



Just to say thanks – my revo’s arrived today, they’re briliant 🙂 Blue was very entertaining.


Iain – UK


“Hi All,

Beautiful little puzzles. On another note, could you also update my Gold extreme release date for two additional puzzles? The time is near and I’m excited. 

As always, thank you!


Matt – UK


“That was good fun! Although my fingers are hurting!! 

Looking forward to receiving the next one

Carl – UK


“These puzzles are really addictive and i cant stop playing with the black obsession now. “

Harry – UK


“Hi Chris just a quick note to say thank you for the fantastic Revomaze puzzle. I received it this morning as you said I would and haven’t been able to put it down since. I think it is fantastic. I am now at the stage that I think I need to start mapping out my way. Anyway got to get back to my puzzle now. Speak to you soon to order the green. Regards”

Dave – UK


“Thank you very much for an amazing maze. Can wait till i will get the GOLD maze.”

Alexander – Netherlands


“Hello again,

 I found the forum entry, and I wanted to send a batch of photos to confirm that it was open properly.

The RevoSilver was several steps above and beyond the Bronze. For the most part, I was completely baffled by the evil contained within. I think that I, like most, got extremely lucky the first time. The mechanism became instantly clear. Apart from the complexity, one thing that has changed between this and the Bronze is that traps are not immediately recognized as traps. I spent a long while trying to progress before I realized that it was a trap. I had a similar experience in the swamp. There were features that I completely failed to understand.

That being said, thank god for blind luck! It was an absolutely amazing puzzle and I cannot wait for the Golden devil.

I cannot wait to give it another go, although I think I’ll wait on some reassembly instructions first. Improper assembly does not a solvable puzzle make!

As always, thank you!”

Matt – USA



Thank you so much, These are wonderfully incredible puzzles! I can’t say enough good things about them. Puzzles of the Highest Quality.

I was surprised to receive my order here in the U.S. only 14 days after I ordered it. Thank you again.”

Jeremy – USA


“Hello Chris,

I’ve solved my green Revomaze puzzle.

Wow!  This one is great.  I knew from my map that the bridge was narrow and twisty, but when I see it in metal I’m surprised I can get across it at all.

I kept track of my time on this one.  5 hours 11 minutes to solve, spread over 7 days.

Bronze arrives tomorrow afternoon!! 🙂


Robert – USA


“Amazin friggin’ puzzle Chris.  Thank you, but there’s no rest for the wicked. on to kick some silver v1 and red obsession butt! “

Steve – USA



Thank you for this great puzzle! Keeps me busy for a while. 🙂

Kind regards”

Benjamin – Germany



Thanks for the opening instructions.  I have opened the blue and have just managed to open the green, can’t wait to get started on the bronze.

Hope the bronze isn’t too hard :-))   I’m just curious, but you said

the silver opens differently?? Do I email you once I have the silver at the open position? assuming I ever get to that point!! Or is it possible to send me the details so I can store it for the future??

Regards and thanks for such a great set of puzzles”

Mark – UK


“Hello Chris,

Registering my green puzzle which arrived today.

3 and half hours so far — still not open.  I can see where I need to go on my map, but my fingers can’t quite steer it right.  I have to gibe my wrist a rest.

Thanks for another fantastic puzzle!”

Robert – USA


“Thank you so much for the time that was put into creating this product. The craftsmanship is superb.”

Jeremy – USA 


“I’ve solved my blue Revomaze puzzle.

This is a fantastic puzzle!  I’ll be ordering the green one shortly!

Fantastic service!  Thank you for taking care of the lost pin!

I figured out the 1-pin/no draw trick.  🙂  I had to convince myself the puzzle wouldn’t lock itself up permanently.

More good news… I just received email from ThinkGeek with tracking info.  My green puzzle is on tomorrow’s truck, not 10 miles away.  I should have it by Friday evening — and I didn’t order until Wednesday afternoon!  I suppose this means I’m addicted.

Thanks again!”

Robert – USA


“Revenge is sweet.

I found this little nugget over coffee on a nice quiet (Sunday) morning before the kids got up.

Needless to say my excitement woke them up.

84.5 hrs hands-on  + 50 pondering/mapping  = Approx 135hrs total – time well spent!!

February 5 to June 6th  – 4 months plus a day !!


Mike – Canada


“Hi Chris,
Thank you for adding me to tha leader boards. Where I can look it through? The assembly took about 10 hours. I could do it quiсker  but I faced the trouble at the last stage. It stalled and I had to twist hardly in order to open it. It delayed the opening for about 1-1,5 hours. But now I can open it for 35 seconds!!!:).

Aleksandr – Russia


“Dear Revomaze,

I’ve finally opened the blue one. In fact I was at the opening point for last two days, that was crazy:( I think that’s really dirty trick about striking the puzzle. Ok, anyway, the shaft is away and I’ve finally got the Certificate of Ownership. I’ve read on forum, that you also need a few photos, proving that the puzzle was not broken – I will send them later today.

All I need now is the instruction of how to assemple the puzzle back (hope you will send it asap). 

Best regards”

Serge – Russia


“Please get back to me and tell me the exact way to put this back together so I can do it again!!! Bring on the gold!!! YEAH!! Thank you so much for this absolutely amazing experience!! “

Justin – USA


“Hi Chris,
Well I didn’t see this silver coming. I thought I would futz with it for a while like the bronze and pop out at the end. Was I ever wrong! That was absolutely intense.
Congrats on another step forward, what an amazing puzzle.


Paul – USA


It took me a couple months since I’ve been busy with work and deploying to the middle east. Thanks for the challenge.




“Hi !

I’ve done the Revomaze blue.

This product is awesome and I’m looking forward to further contensts.

best regards “

Dennis – Germany



Just sending message to register green revomaze and also opening registration.

Brilliant maze. Completed maze in about 10 hours

Looking forward to bronze”

 Dave – UK


“Hello Chris,

Solved it! It was great fun!

Thanks for this great puzzle! Will certainly buy a next one! 

Kind regards”

Heins – Netherlands


I just opened my registered revomaze and I would like to register my certificate of authorization.

Awesome puzzle!


Michael – USA


“I know this seems quick but it took a week to get to the dot on the shaft and i only did registration when i saw that. 

Thanks for an amazing great quality puzzle. Just waiting for my Red one now :-)”

Tristan – UK



By the way you are evil, I loved it!!!!!!!!!!

Another great puzzle!!!! I did have any issue that may concern you. I
unknowingly was able to ride what I know think was machine ridge in to
some of the other higher level traps. this really threw me off at
first and then later helped me out.  Once again a great puzzle overall with great twists. I really feel like you are teaching as we go. otherwise I think we would be lost on the later puzzles”

Adam – USA


“Hi Chris,

Solved the green maze today.

I tought I would never find the solution but after all, I found the hidden passage.

The most important part fooled me many times hahaha.

Up to the bronze now 

It took me about 6,5 to 7 hours to solve the green maze.

Best regards”

Gert – Belgian



Can’t wait for the collectors edition.

Thanks for the challenge”

Lance – Australia


“Hi Chris,

Have cracked the Bronze. Think it probably took around 8 hours. Best so far by a long way.


Chris – UK


“Hi Chris

That was an absolutely IMMENSE puzzle – thank you! I’m not going to rush to rebuild it and start again…I need a break for a while…that cost me several hundred (highly enjoyable!) hours of my life! 

AWESOME!! and Thanks Chris…


Allard – UK



After buying this Revomaze on Saturday at the Gadget Show I have to say I haven’t put it down. How good is it.

That hidden bridge had me baffled for a good day but finally found it by accident.

What a fantastic puzzle but its finished! I will have to save up for the next one…..”

David – UK


“The blue took me about 8 hours to open and the green took about 2 hours. I got lucky with the green and happened to take the correct path right from the beginning.

So far, 8 hours on the bronze and I must be missing something as I can’t find a new path to travel. I like how the bronze is more 3 dimensional that the first 2 with all the ramps. There is one spot that feels “soft”. Maybe I can move it somehow and that’ll open up a path. I’ll explore that when I get home tonight.

Thanks for some great puzzles!”

Andrew – USA


“At first I try bronze can’t open it So I decide try blue and open it 🙂

Now I try bronze again with double effort. So blue was good lesson for me 🙂

Thank you very much for your puzzles. They are incredible!”

Vladimir – Russia


“To Chris – Awesome puzzle!  What a trip to solve, love the ending.  Thank you for sending me the replacement v2 so quickly.  FYI, I still cannot get past the first half on the v1, so if you have any hints on how to make it work, I am open ears.

As an aside, I think the current hint for the Silver has became infinitely more difficult to find on the website – ever since you updated the website in December .. the page with the clue is no longer dated from the date you made the clue (which, honestly, is how I found it, and I am not sure of how else you would find it except by excruciatingly amount of scrutiny and searching of every page and then testing the near infinite number of possible clues).  To that end, I’d like to point those still getting past the first half of the maze at the clue by making the following post in the Registered Owners forum:

“You see, the trick to the Silver is that it is not just About Chris, but it is also About Us.  About who the puzzles we do, about what we get.  But, from that, Chris gives us a small, perhaps a modest, Reward Certificate.  Thus, we know our way forward.  In some ways, the Silver isn’t just about solving a puzzle or discovering an Element on the Periodical Chart, but discovering more about who we are.”

I could make it more vague by removing the capitalization and the “on the periodical chart” if that is necessary.  Or just not make the post. 🙂


PS:  Now, how do I put this bloody thing back together?”

Jay – USA


“This was by far the hardest puzzle I’ve ever attempted. I spent about 5 hours getting to the canyon on the v1. Then I spent around 125-150 hours thoroughly stuck trying to get across the canyon. Once I got the v2, it took me about 5 hours to get across the canyon. I spent about 2 hours exploring the swamp before I had a good idea of what I needed to do to make progress. I spent the next 15 hours struggling to make it across the third alleyway before finally trying another way across which ended up working. I have to say, the ending was a good surprise. I ended up spending another hour wondering what mechanism would allow me to open the final door. I had a good laugh once I realized the true way around.

All told, I guess I spent around 175 hours on this puzzle. Wow.”

Ragan – USA


“Thank you Chris!  Great puzzle.  I’m looking forward to getting a Green.”

David – USA


Woohoo silver open wow that was great what a feeling top work Chris loved the end and wicked idea just before – wow.

Once again chris the hardest and best puzzle i’ve ever done can’t wait to see what you have for us next. “

Shaun – UK



I opened my BLUE RevoMaze. Wow, what an amazing feeling!

You better look out because I am going to create a video of me opening my maze and I bet I can beat your time! 🙂 I know I can do it. I have been non-stop with this thing. It’s awesome.

I started playing with it on Feb 16th, so it took me about 5-6 weeks to solve. I have been mapping out my progress on paper. My map is very close to the actual puzzle. It’s cool to compare what I drew to what has been carved out.


Avo – USA


“Many many thanks for a wonderful product / challenge. I will eventually get the green but my 9 year old son would like one of the limited edition 250 Reds for me to solve so he can see what the prize is 🙂
I’m not sure my fingers are up to it lol. But I’ll give it my best shot.

Keep up the excellent work Chris.
Would love to have seen you at the Gadget show. But work commitments prohibit me from coming :(”

Ricky – UK


“My hands/ Carpal tunnel are killing me

but this is an outstanding innovation…”

Gregory – USA


“Wow, it feels great!”

Tyler – USA


“Hi Chris, 

🙂 Thank you! I really enjoyed openening it. The actual total time it took me to open was about 3.5 hours (about 2.5 hours yesterday and 1 today). 

Thanks again for the great puzzles! Now I am thinking if I should finally go to bed or continue with green one 🙂


Alex – Russia


“Greetings again!

That was certainly awesome.  Took me two maybe three hours of fiddling to open.

Next onto the bronze.  I was also wondering if I was going to be placed on the leader board and registered for the specific parts of the forum.


Brandom – USA


“Dear Chris

I have solved the BRONZE puzzle.

This was a very good puzzle. Had me really stumped for a long time. And the machinery inside looks great ! Real masterpiece.  I am impressed !!

Again I have to thank you for your support and quick email answers (nearly faster than me!).

Now off to the silver 🙂


Jos – Switzerland


“Thank you Chris

mmm how long did it take !!!

It must have been 80 hours with the v1 before it jammed trying to get over the spiny bit. Then to the v2, about 6 hours getting over the spiny bit, around 45 hours to work out the next bit and what to do (with going all the way back to the start 5 times !!). SO In total it must be around 135 hours on and off.

Thanks for another amazing puzzle.”

Andrew – UK


“Hi Revomaze,

Many thanks for probably the best puzzle design I have ever come across!

Many thanks


Jamie – UK


“Hey Chris,

The Bronze is done.  I was just so excited.  It took me roughly 25-35 hours. I’m not quite sure. I really enjoyed this puzzle. You’re clues were fabulous. I love the “new” features of this one.

. I know from your back ground info that your a mechanical engineer, if I read right. I am actually thinking of going into that field myself.

I just love your puzzles, and cant wait for the next one. It looks like, form your web site, that there are more to come. I cant wait.

Best wishes”

George – USA


Hi Chris,

I am still thrilled to have opened the Silver, and carefully keeping all the small pieces together.

After opening it I had to spend time with the family as today is (or by now: yesterday was) my birthday. I had been hoping the V2 would arrive before my birthday, and it did yesterday just in time. I cannot imagine a greater birthday present than opening the hardest (correctly working) puzzle I own (that is except the self-made garland that my kids gave me !-)

I truly enjoyed the RevoSilver and all the new tricks in it. Some of them eluded me, but only for a while…

* The ?????? is brilliant! I thought there were two ??????, as I managed to move back from the swamp into the ‘first canyon’. two times (requiring a complete restart).

* The swamp is the greatest (and dirtiest) trick so far! But also brilliant, and something I never imagined (I did imagine a “rotating-maze-part” like the ?????? before I encountered it). Only after looking for options that would require the ???????, and then re-drawing my map of the swamp area, I ‘saw’ a potential path that would lead to victory, and it did!

* The ????????? just before the end not hard to solve, but really dirty! Do you know how bad dexterity is negatively affected by adrenaline? I had to do the swamp-???????-game again, and then put the revo down for half an hour (1 cm away from the finish, imagine my mood!) to calm down before re-trying that last dirty move!

* Total playing time estimated: 2 hours until the canyon, 20 hours (and reading the forum) to cross the canyon and land in the swamp V1, (60 hours of messing around in the swamp V1), 1 hour to understand getting in and out of the swamp V2, 1 hour to come up with the ‘?????? game’ method for the solution, and 1 hour to actually do it completely. So without the V1/V2 issue I estimate it would have been about 30 hours of actual playing time, which is 5 to 10 times as much as I needed for any other Revo.

Chris, this RevoSilver is a fantastic puzzle, in which you have exceeded my expectation AGAIN!

Looking forward to gold, additional colors, the live event, and other players opening their Silvers!


Louis – Netherlands



I assume the codes for all the Extremes should be kept to self for now? (yes)

This red is nuts, no idea what to do next, thought I had it figured out and then nothing.

And the Silver, I feel like I have found everything in the swamp, reset the puzzle a dozen times, able to get almost all the way back around … found all types of little holes and slots that only show up when things are pointed the right direction.  And yet, stuck, stuck, stuck.  I am missing something simple.   I know it.  Argh!

Thanks for the awesome puzzles.”

Jay – USA


“Awesome puzzle.  Can’t wait for the next one.  Hands down the best puzzle I’ve solved to date.”

William – USA


“Hi Chris

I’m disappointed it’s taken me so long, but on the other hand, I’ve had a delightful two weeks of puzzling enjoyment, gradually building up the image of the maze in my mind. Finally cracked it open last night!”

Richard – UK


“Hi there !

I wanna make registration of 2 puzzles :

Thanks for this incredible things that are RevoMaze ;)”

Urd – France


“You have created a healthy addiction!

Time flies when you’re enjoying yourself,” but to hazard a guess I would say the Blue took me about 5- 6 hours in 20-30 minute bites and the GREEN about 4-5 hours but then the Blue taught me the feel of your tricks!

Frustratingly (on my instructions when I sent for all 3), my wife has taken and hidden the Bronze & Silver Revomazes and won’t give me the Bronze until my birthday in March.

All the best Chris”

Martin – UK


“Sorry, I opened it before I got around to register.  Will now order the green one.  Your puzzle is absolutely addictive.  In case you are interested I found you in Wired Magazine.”

Michael – Germany


“Good afternoon Chris

 I can’t say that I’ll be in a rush to re-assemble this – it was brutal on my arm.

” I am in awe over the craftsmanship of the bronze – what inspired such a mechanism?”

Mike – Canada


“Sir,  Here’s the following information for the Revomaze Registration

I also had a one before this “GR00xxx” that I have a concern for

This Revomaze got shipped to me while I was stationed in Baghdad, Iraq for Christmas you could only imagine how excited I was to get this device, however when I went home, U.S. Customs was nice enough to inform me that this device looked suspicious and had to be confiscated. When I had explained that It was a puzzle that I just got for Christmas, Customs merely shrugged and said “Well, open it.” Easier said then done right? Anyhow I Just wanted to express my concern for this situation that has taken place, but no less will not stop me from enjoying this wonderful & challenging puzzle. That’s why I am now registering this second one that I got for Valentine’s day.”

Nick – USA


“I was worried that I was missing a trick or two somewhere and the frustration was getting to me a little bit….but I had an epiphany at work today whilst going through the route in my head and solved it nearly 2 hours ago now. The time was 4:30pm and again I think it was about 4.5 – 5 hours work done over a few days.  Definately no more than 5 hours. 

Excellent fun! 

I definately feel ready for the Bronze…more ready than my wallet is anyway! It’ll have to wait a while I think.

Cheers Chris”

Jordan – USA


“Great Puzzle!  Loved it!  Now on to the green…”

Scott – USA


“Hey Chris,

Blue probably took me about 7 to 8 hours to figure it out. The ‘bridge’ at the end was a doozy and I probably spent 2 hours on that part alone. I’m looking forward to getting my green! :)”

Steve – USA



I spent an hour with one of your green puzzles at the London puzzles & magic meeting so I knew what I was letting myself in for. I collect unusual puzzles, and I enjoy very hard puzzles – I’m interested in puzzle difficulty and the balance between obfuscation and solvability.

So far, I’m very pleased as although it was tricky to find a) there were ledges b) where they led, I feel I am making progress and I have a good mental map of where the path could go – just got to find the connecting ledges. I can write down what I suspect if that would be interesting (or perhaps amusing!) for you.

I’m not making any progress on finding the clue though!”

Anthony – UK


“Anyway, the Blue has fallen to my wily ways – I don’t think I was faster than your fastest below, but not far off – probably about an hour of limbering up (around the first few corners – learning the mechanics), and then a couple of hours “taking it seriously” – i.e. piece of paper with black and red marks on it 🙂 

It was just before I reached “half way” when I was thinking to myself – “why doesn’t he have a bit of the maze which has no walls to guide you?” Ha ha…

And I reckon that was more fun than the Ramisis by the way. Much more logic to it, and proper tactile feedback. Very re-playable too – although I’ll wait until you tell me how to reassemble it first.

 Well done. Going to save the green for a little bit – looking forward to letting my friends try the blue 🙂

All the best”

Ralph – UK


“Hello Chris, 

I haven’t attempted the others, but the Bronze was a beautifully crafted puzzle and very enjoyable. After several days and a bit of advil, it’s finally open!! I can honestly say that it was worth every penny, even with the exchange rate.

Thank you!”

Matt – USA


“Thanks for an amazing puzzle. I’m not usually “a puzzle guy” but I was intrigued by this one and toughed it out and very glad I did. The design of the maze was interesting, provided valuable feedback and clues and was rewarding to explore. Onto the Bronze now!! 

Thanks again and take care”

Ken – Canada


“Wow…………. Thank You Again! Amazing! Love the new tricks that keep you on your feet!”

Lucian – USA


“Green maze: tears and sweat!!!  Now, go to the Bronze one…”

Gilles – France


“I DID IT!!!!   🙂

 I got the bronze open with no hints, and what not. This one was a b@#*?d! I cant feel my fingertips anymore 🙂

You have really made a fine puzzle here, the maze is just beautiful to look at 🙂

A happy puzzler”

Oyvind – Norway


“My name is Ivan, I’m Italian and 2 days ago I received a Blue Revomaze as a gift.

I loved very very much this puzzle, I think it’s absolutely brilliant and I planned to buy the Green Revomaze as soon as possible.

I’m so sad that my poor English cannot describe my satisfaction and admiration for this puzzle (and for your work in designing it).

Thanks in advance for your support!”

Ivan – Italy


“Bronze 60-70 hours. This one was nearly had me beat. I can’t wait for the silver!!! “

Harrold – USA


“This puzzle is absolutely the best, and I’m not even very far through it yet. :)”

Garret – Canada


“Very cool…I guess I’m onto Green next.”

Mike – Canada


“Oh man that was tough.  Nice puzzle! – I am *so* addicted to these puzzles”

Jake – USA


Got this puzzle for Christmas and thoroughly enjoyed cracking it. The “table” is maddening but a great touch. I don’t think it’s worth me entering your competition though as my budget won’t stretch to all 5 puzzles in series 1, I will at least buy one more though in the near future, and they will always be on my wanted list. 

Great product, Great Quality, I wish you every success in the future”

Martin – UK


Thanks for a great puzzle, it was good fun, and nearly as fun to watch others struggle with it!”

Bob – USA


It took me approximately 15 hours to solve the puzzle, and about 3 minutes to actually open it on the successful attempt.  Great puzzle, I found it a very unique experience.  I even threatened to wrap a couple hundred dollars around the center shaft and give it to my wife for Christmas next year!”

Jeff – USA


Holy bologna!    I received the revomaze extreme blue today and I thought it would have taken me no longer than 1 hour to open it!

It took a lot longer (maybe 6 hours!!).  Thanks for this little nightmare!!”

Marco – Italy


“Thank you! (I really enjoyed the puzzle)”

Lucian – USA


“I  would to register my Blue puzzle opening, yeah!!:  It was a really nice challenge, I worked at it for about 2 hours before putting down till this week and I think I maybe spent another 4 to 5 hours and it was fun, challenging and at many times frustrating but all around very much worth it!

 Thank you!”

Shafik – USA


“It took quite a while to figure out one bit but once I got that, it was a matter of hours. When I say “a while”, I can’t put a number on it since frustration would get the better of me for the day and I’d have to put the RevoMaze down for the rest of the day! 

Thanks for an interested twist!”

Big Jim – USA


After quite a bit of agonizing, but also a great deal of fun. I managed to solve the maze.  Thank you for a wonderful experience. It was very nice to find the signed certificate on the inside.”

Mike – USA


Thanks for your awesome puzzle, everyone at work yesterday rejoiced when I solved it. 



Chris and Gang, Oh yeah I finished it.  I can hardly believe it!!!”

Paul – USA


“The build of your puzzles is very impressive as of course is the challenge of opening them.”

Michael – Australia


“Great puzzle; Thank-you!”

Paul – Austraila


“Thank you and congratulations for this puzzle !”

Gaël – France


Really enjoyed the blue, brilliant puzzle. Will now be moving on to the next one.”

Kay – UK


“It’s funny… I’d made it to the dot a couple of times, but I didn’t realize I was at the end.  (Possibly because I had borrowed the Revomaze at that point and hadn’t read the instructions.)  Well, now I own it, and I now owe my friend a replacement. 🙂

Excellent puzzle! You probably hear that all the time, but it really was a lot of fun.”

Doug – CA


“I’d like to say that the Revomaze Blue was one of the most impressive puzzles I’ve ever experienced.  I’ve opened the ISIS, the RAMISIS, the Kuku and several others that would fall into a similar “high-end puzzle category” but this was BY FAR my favorite.  I almost wish it had taken me longer to open as I was having so much fun with it 🙂  But that’s what the next one is for!!!  All in all, I probably spent about 6-7 hours with it.  Thank you again for creating these…I am EXTREMELY, EXTREMELY impressed.”

Adam – USA


“I just opened my Green Revomaze! –  What a great feeling of accomplishment!”

Bill – USA


“What a great puzzle!  Very clever! Thanks again for creating such a great puzzle.  I can truly appreciate the engineering that went into the design.”

Eric – USA 


“Great Puzzles”

Michael – USA


“Thanks for an entertaining puzzle and yes, I have the green and bronze on order now. ;-)”

Jim – USA


“Thanks for the great puzzle.”

Adam – USA


“Thanks for a great puzzle experience!”

Brian – USA


Chris, I love puzzles and this one is absolutely great. I look forward to the next one! “

Harold – USA


“I would just like to say thank you for the very amazing experience and I will without a doubt be buying the rest of your puzzles!! (when I have the money of course) 🙂 thank you again!!!”

Justin – USA


“Thanks alot. It was fun and challenging.”

Zack – USA


“Awesome puzzle!”

Eric – USA


“These are the best Puzzles I have ever had, tons of hours of enjoyment, well worth every penny.”

Brett – USA


“Thanks again! This looks amazing and very well built!”

Jeff – USA


“Thanks again for the super puzzle. It was really fun ! Great puzzle!!!”

Jos – Switzerland


“Congratulations for this puzzle, very nice ideas inside ^^  and lot of fun to do it :)”

Jérémy – France


“I just got the bronze open. I have to applaud your craftsmanship. I never could have imagined. I’ll admit, I’m afraid of the silver!”

Paul  – USA


“Wow!!  What an awesome puzzle, I had a blast  =)”

Mike – USA


“I have just opened my Bronze Revomaze.  It probably took me about 30-40 hours (2 weeks) to solve this puzzle.  What a great puzzle!  I’m afraid of what is in the silver! “

Julian – USA


“Thanks for the experience!  I’m a word puzzle lover, and although I’ve enjoyed some of the (Hanamaya?) metal puzzles, I’m really not experienced with such puzzles.  This was wonderfully challenging, pleasing from a point of craftsmanship, and… what a sense of accomplishment!  Well done for creating this.”

Brian – USA


“I am probably not the first to appreciate, anyway congratulations again for this clever invention.”

Dominique – France


“These puzzles are amazing!  Thanks Chris, I just wish I could spend more time with them, but I showed them to my parents and now I can hardly pry the puzzles away from them. ;)” 

Theresa – USA


“WOW, what a great puzzle…thanks, I really enjoyed that in a sort of masochistic way… Thanks, cheers” 

Allard – UK


“Had a two week break from it after getting frustrated with the awkward balancing act, tried it just now and did it first time, go figure :)” 

Guy – UK


“Top quality puzzle, with beautiful packaging.  Well done guys I am seriously impressed” 

Ewan – UK


“Thanks for the puzzle, it’s great! I really enjoyed it, I’m already looking forward to the next one!” 

Thomas – UK


“All-in-All one of the best puzzles I have ordered from overseas.”

Chris – Australia


“That was an awesome ride better than any roller coaster!!!!!  thanks again for the amazing puzzle, it keeps you going and lets you know you are making progress and then ‘Click'”

Adam – USA


“Awesome Puzzle! Great Service!!!!!”

Gene – USA


“Wonderful puzzle. heavy as hell when you first pick it up, but I quickly adjusted to the feel of it.” 

Steve – USA


“Have to say it’s a wonderful piece of kit! Superb, top quality puzzle!”

Chris – UK


“It was a fantastic experience! Now it’s open, I have studied the inside, and I am surprised by the simplicity of the puzzle construction and the ingenuity of the method to hold the certificate inside. Very smart, very well engineered too! After feeling the excitement of ‘conquering’ this unique puzzle, and after seeing the smart & solid puzzle construction, I am convinced that I want all of the 5 puzzles. I want them to keep me busy, to frustrate me with traps, to excite me at the moment I open them, and to allow me to prove that I can conquer all of them. If I knew this one month ago, I would have pre-ordered the whole set right away.” 

Louis – Netherlands

“Interested Parties, I am an avid puzzle enthusiast and quite a critic on ‘quality issues’ and ‘craftsmanship’. Its sometimes the small things that make the most difference in being overall ‘satisfied’ with a ‘non-essential’ item for personal amusement.
In this age of high tech gadgetry like the iPod and the Itouch its hard to imagine something could be ‘cool’ without internet compatibility. But I have to tell you these Unique Puzzles are quite amazing! Unlike most of your yama-who-whats-its.. after solving these puzzles you can do it over and over. One slip up and you go all the way back to the beginning…. so , not unlike the ‘Super plexus’ it takes repetitive practice and learned ‘in-game’ puzzle experience to finish.  For the price this puzzle is worth its weight in fun for the money.  The packaging is ‘5 star’. The puzzle comes in a laser cut foam padded box with a magnetic catch…its really nice…A wooden stand with a REVOMAZE nameplate is also provided for a small cost… along with a velveteen drawstring pouch for ‘on the go’ puzzling.  These are no run of the mill ‘Walmart’ puzzles ,these are family heirloom collectables …easily able to withstand years of use.  Anyone from amateur puzzler to Puzzle Expert can enjoy this puzzle.. and it is a great ‘brain game’ workout as well!. I was surprised at how quickly i didn’t need to look at my cheat sheet ,as I started to memorize the ‘way’.
DO NOT LET THIS PASS YOU BY WITHOUT TRYING ONE!. Congratulations Chris Pitt…its amazing” 

Steve Cornett – USA