Diverse Duplet (Bronze & Aqua)



Beginner Level – Difficulty – 30/100

Beautifully crafted from anodized aluminum and nickel-plated brass, this is the starter puzzle for our V1 Revomaze collection.

Perfect for casual puzzlers or first-time Revomazers as the solve time is around 30 minutes – 2 Hours.

The V1 Aqua is designed to help develop your amazing skills, the core contains a static progression maze you can neither see nor touch.

You will need to use the power of logic, memory, and all your dexterity to navigate a path through the winding maze always fearful that one wrong turn means starting your journey again.


Advanced Level – Difficulty – 80/100

Our V1 Bronze won ToyBulletin.com Best Toy of the Year 2011

Crafted from anodised aluminium and nickel plated brass, this is the advanced level of the Revomaze family. Difficult rating is 80/100 and solving time is around 30 – 60 hours.

Using memory and gentle guiding is the method to navigate through this challenging maze, avoiding frustrating traps that reset the puzzle, plus our V1 Bronze is our first dynamic puzzle, so expect a challenge, not for the faint-hearted.


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