Pro Set (Bronze & Gunmetal)


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Advanced Level – Difficulty – 80/100

Our V1 Bronze won Best Toy of the Year 2011

Crafted from anodised aluminium and nickel plated brass, this is the advanced level of the Revomaze family. Difficult rating is 80/100 and solving time is around 30 – 60 hours.

Using memory and gentle guiding is the method to navigate through this challenging maze, avoiding frustrating traps that reset the puzzle, plus our V1 Bronze is our first dynamic puzzle, so expect a challenge not for the faint hearted.



Intermediate level – Difficulty – 70/100

Containing both magnets and ball bearing, produced initially for the Marbles Brain Stores in the USA.  This is perfect logical puzzle for advanced puzzlers or collectors, the solve time is estimated around 40 – 80 hours.


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