Training Sleeve; Clear Sleeve and Plastic Blue Maze

£100.00 £90.00

Developed with our engineers, we have a new training sleeve that as a new stainless steel pin assembly on a clear tube.
The pin extends up to 4mm into the maze and can be fully retracted to allow the maze to be removed.
We will also have a fixed pin screw to allow our Revomaze Maze to be fixed into the sleeve to show the maze without losing any of the small parts.
These products are great to show the operation of the maze and for the collectors to show their prize opening.
We are selling the training sleeve for £50 and the clear sleeve and fixed pin for £25*
We will do the trainer, clear sleeve and plastic Blue maze as a kit for £100.
* subject to tax and final coatings.
We are having 50 of each made and it will sold on a first come basis. There are a few people who had a pre-order of our last version and will now get this much improved version.

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