V1 Silver – Ultimate Level


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Advanced level – Difficulty rating – 90/100.

There were 1000 V1 Silver REVOMAZE’s produced in 2010. The Silver is a dynamic maze influenced by James Bonds “Live and Let Die”. Containing multiple dynamic parts, it introduced the naming of parts such as the ‘swamp’ and ‘croc’. This maze requires a lot of skill and a little luck.


“A very good morning, well after approximately 6 months I finally have my Silver open. What can I say other than WOW WHAT A RUSH!!!”

“What an incredible piece of kit, hats off to you Chris, your puzzle is a work of genius”.


Current status – there are more than 20 V1 Silver Revomaze’s available, can be assembled and shipped the same day. However, depending on demand we try to ship within 3 working days. Production will cease after the current Silver’s we have in our workshop have been sold due to the high cost of manufacturing them.

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